Introduction to the 1st Principles of the Doctrines of Christ- By Stan Almendro

Principles of the Doctrine of Christ of Christ! From the Desk Of Stan Almendro Introduction (Lecture 1) It is a good thing to move  on to a vital and important aspect of “The Principles of the Doctrine of Christ”.

The importance of these studies cannot be stressed enough as it is the total basis of our “Walking and Living (Not Talking) in the Truth of the Word of God” It might just be that you have not been introduced to these teachings BUT it is important that every believer be given instruction on this important doctrine.

The earlier in a Christian Life the better to avoid developing bad habits of a Hit and Miss Approach to our Christian Walk! The series of studies comprise the following an at the end of each study there will be a Question Sheet which needs to be answered and returned to Whisper Bible College on a weekly basis.(Question sheet available on request)

The series of studies are:

• Introduction to the Principles of the Doctrine of Christ.

• Repentance from dead Works

• Faith Towards God

• Doctrine of Baptisms

1. Baptism into the Body of Christ

2. Baptism in Water

3. Baptism in the Holy Spirit

4. Baptism into Suffering

• Laying on of Hands

• Resurrection of the Dead

• Eternal Judgement

In total we will work through ten (10) studies with each study aimed at bringing us to a place of understanding that The Right/Wrong concept of Christian living is SHALLOW and that our lives need to be GOVERNED by PRINCIPLES being able to compare Spiritual with Spiritual.

By grasping the deep rooted desire of the HEART of God for us, His children, will better equip us in Rightly Dividing the Word of God and in many senses it will bring us to places of decision and a Life Style that will be to the Glory of God.

A good starting point will be to recognise the need to mature in our walk with God (Not to a point where we have Head Knowledge and analyse everything with an OVERGROWN Intellect).

It also needs us to admit where we are in our standing with God and do an honest evaluation of how we function in the Spirit Realm of Interpretation on things that matter and influence the ETERNAL destiny of those round about us and ourselves (More so if we as an “OLDER” believer).

If we find we have a continued struggle with un-necessary mood swings (Bordering on In Security) about our salvation and our Eternal Hope it is a sure sign that our FOUNDATION has not been properly established. The Principles of the Doctrine of Christ is perhaps better describe as the “Foundation Studies” and we know what the Bible says about the “FOOLISH MAN” and him building his house upon the sand.

The Bible goes on to say that the “Wise MAN” built his house upon the ROCK. It all goes down to one VERY important issue and that is have we been grounded in “The Principles of The Word of God. When we come to the END of this series it will only mean that we have been given a “Lot of Theory” and the challenge will be to look at each Principle and see how we allow ourselves to be GOVERNED by the Divine Word of God.

The process of APPLYING this Doctrine and in Fact the Word of God in full is a LIFE long and ongoing experience. We are encouraged in the Word of God “That we henceforth be no longer children, tossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine by the sleight of men and their cunning and craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive” (Ephesians 4 verse 14). The basis of this teaching is found in the Book of Hebrews chapter 6 and Paul says to the believers there “For at a time when you ought to be TEACHERS you have need that SOMEONE teach you again” One of the SADDEST pictures is to see a person in adult years but in a pram as a baby.

A sight that will bring tears to our eyes. An even sadder picture is to see is CHRISTIANS who have been serving God for MEGA years struggling to survive and have an up and down life to cope with. This is not necessary and as we apply our hearts to the Scriptures and more so these Principles we will find our WALK with God takes on a NEW meaning and also we will be in a position to teach others the PRECIOUS truths.

Can I encourage you to take these studies seriously and God will break to each one of us “The Bread of Heaven”. He will multiply this bread as he did the Loaves and the Fishes and we will be a PART of feeding the multitudes. Stan Almendro Kind regards, Yours in Christ