June will be sharing matters dear and near to her heart wanting to bless you at all times

June A Dear Friend and blessing to the Almendro Family

June A Dear Friend and blessing to the Almendro Family

My Granny The love of my Life

My Granny The love of my Life

STUMBLING BLOCKS By June Potter - Laying aside EVERY weight and Sin that BESETS us



June Potter

Dear friends, have you felt of late that you are not moving forward in your walk with the Lord? No matter what direction you try to pursue, nothing seems to work, which in turn gives you the feeling that something is blocking you. Let us have a look at some of the hindrances concerning our spiritual progress. Discouragement for whatever reason has the ability to slow us down if we dwell for some length within the confines of her walls. Of course it is not easy to overlook this deep inner emotion but this is the time in which faith in the Lord and His Word comes to pass. In ourselves, we cannot simply toss aside our feelings but as we put our trust in His ability to bring light once more into our spirit man so we will find our way out of the ever encroaching darkness hanging over our heads. Remember something though friends! Discouragement has a partner and its name is unbelief! When various situations and circumstances have brought you down to a level of feeling unable to move forward, unbelief raises its head making you doubt, if but for a second, in the saving power and grace of your Saviour. It is not only that of disbelief in His all consuming love and interest in you as His beloved but also that of your calling and the knowledge gained in your years of serving Him. However, do not dwell in this false inner imaginative room of your soul as if you do, it will become even more difficult to find your way out. The devil’s aim is to destroy your trust and faith in the Lord and unfortunately one tends to forget this when emotions are running high! Although you may not like the thought of having the Holy Spirit reveal truth to you concerning your struggles, it is important to realise that without this happening you will not be able to rid yourself of any stumbling blocks. This attitude can and most likely will hinder you from finding your next step forward concerning your spiritual journey. In Isaiah 57 v 14 it says to take away the stumbling block from the people; to remove the obstacles. There are many things that can cause us to stumble in our walk. For example our inward love for the world and its so called pleasures can be a factor. Why? Because as His precious children we are no longer a part of the world but are of His Kingdom. We have passed from darkness into His light. It is not called the “spirit of the world” for nothing! To love the world with its false doctrines; its filth of the flesh; its incorrect unclean thought patterns; its desire for war in all areas; its hatred for the Gospel etc is to embrace its spirit…that spirit of the evil one himself! And believe me, this will definitely cause us to stumble and fall! We have to break free from all that entices us and this is only accomplished as we draw closer to the Lord and learn from His Word who and what we are in Christ Jesus. The heavy weights we are carrying, no matter what they are, need to be given to Him for He is the burden bearer. The family ties that are binding us in our spirit man maybe due to us being of a different spirit can bring us to a halt even though we love them all so much! Luke 9 v 59 to 62 speaks to us concerning this situation. Honesty right now is very important. First we need to be honest with ourselves. Have we hidden sins that are blocking us? Maybe even hidden emotional areas that prevent us from worshiping and praising the Lord? Bitterness, resentment, anger, hatred, rebellion etc all play a huge part in our walk towards success in knowing His calling resting upon us. So now hopefully we can understand why we have grounded to a halt thus experiencing a feeling of being stuck! In Rom. 14 v 13 it says “Let us not therefore judge one another anymore; but judge this rather, that no man put a stumbling block or an occasion to fall in his brother’s way.” Friends, we ourselves need to be wise as well in how we interact and walk with those we meet along the way of life’s journey. Each person is going to give an account of himself to God. (Rom. 14 v 12) Let us cast aside the man of flesh when dealing with others and leave people and their different ways of walking in the capable hands of the Lord. Yes, it can be frustrating; we may get “worked up” but never forget we are here to love; to show grace towards others and not that of causing another to doubt the truth of His Word and so stumble because of acting superior, arrogant and disdainful. “Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost.” Rom.15 v 13. Be blessed as you once again gain your rightful position in your journey together with Him. Such amazing freedom given unto us!

Press ON toward the Prize!!!!

Be Blessed



He IS Calling - Hear HIS Voice I WILL go Lord send me!!!!



June Potter

Forever flowing from the Throne room of grace His ever-present eternal Blood speaks. The eternal Spirit of what was accomplished on the Cross is forever alive and has the ability to save, restore, forgive, heal and protect His beloved children who know Him as their own living Saviour…the One who gave His precious life that we may forever walk with Him on our journey here on earth and live in complete oneness with Him when we reach our final destination, our home in Heaven. Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the only One by which we can be saved. The only One in whom lies the God given ability to set us free from our sins and our eternal destination of hell, which is where we would be heading, had we not asked forgiveness due to the deep inner knowledge that we are sinners, lost, and on a path of utter destruction, thus following the lying serpent who deceived Eve and put us all on a pathway of rebellion and hatred towards a loving Heavenly Father, who so longed for complete and utter fellowship with His own. Jesus, just the mention of Your Name…a Name above all other names; the One and only Name that sets the captives free. Jesus our Redeemer; our best friend; our sanctification; our healer; our deliverer; our hope and faith…no other has the power or the majestic all-consuming love that He has for mankind. Unfortunately, mankind in general has set their hearts against Him for in accepting His call, they need to acknowledge and accept within their hearts that are in dire need of been forgiven and so see themselves as sinners and totally unworthy of coming into His Presence as they are in the sinful flesh. The flesh which has no power in its own self to free them from all that has been turned into the ugliness of this dark world. A world that believes they are on the path of divine worth. Man in himself knows no way of holiness; no amount of good works has the ability to make oneself right before a Holy all knowing God. Jesus, what a price He paid for us to be born again; to be counted as His precious children, washed in the pure Holy Blood that was shed so we can be forever reconciled back to the Father. A loving Heavenly Father who knew from the beginning of time that man, His glorious man whom He created from within His heart of infinite beauty and everlasting love, would turn and believe the lies and manipulation of the evil one. That one who at one given moment in eternal time was the most beautiful of all angels. No being, whether in the realms of eternity or in the now of this world system has or ever will have the position above that of God our Father; Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour and the Holy Spirit. The three in One; the eternal God; the One who knows all things that were before the foundation of the world; the beginning and the end of all that shall be and the One who reigns supreme. Jesus; how we need to embrace His plan and purpose for our short walk on this earth. Without Him in our lives we are doomed to an existence that may be that of worldly success and acknowledgement but in the end, one of an eternity without the words spoken “enter in my child; my child whose name is written in the eternal book of life”; instead a life forever in the depths of hell with satan laughing at how man was utterly deceived by his lies. Jesus…to know and to love Him means the sun rises with rays of eternal hope shinning down on yet another day in your God given life. The whisper of the wind encircling you as you move along with your days chores, forever reminding you that He is present for all around is the beauty of the sun kissed flowers waving in tune to the call of the wind thus releasing their seed so as to bring new growth where ever it settles. As night falls and the moon above brings forth its own personal light so we behold another majestic portrait which was born within His heart of sheer magnificent beauty. The twinkling stars shine as bright as that of His eternal light forever revealing to all of mankind that no other had the power or ability to create a world of such glorious splendor. Behold the Lamb of God that taketh away the sins of the world. Holy Holy is the Lamb of God. Turn away from all that has deceived and held you captive in chains; chains that not only hurt you physically but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Turn and see the brightness of His Light that shines its call on your life. A life that is precious to Him; He is waiting for you to reject the falsehood of this world that is slowly coming to an end. A destructive end, for man has grieved Him and all must come to pass as is written within His Word of Truth. Now is the time…not tomorrow…not next week. His call is now so do not harden your heart when you feel the tug; the continual pull deep within. A love as deep and powerful as His longs to make you His own, where you can sit at His feet and learn from the One True Master of all time. Where you can experience His tenderness and graceful mercy. Greater love hath no man then this, that He should lay down His life for His friends and you are His friend when you surrender your life to Him. Come to the Garden…the Garden of His choice just waiting for you. Your life is unique; you are unique and His plans for you are perfect. Welcome Him in today and be not one who turns away in rebellion as did the enemy of the Cross. Hear Him speaking to you; feel His gentle pull on your inner spirit. Jesus Christ is Lord and In and Through Him your life will never be the same.

Be blessed friends and know you are loved beyond measure. June


HANNAH - A Woman who found FAVOUR with God. By June Potter - DARE I SAY Stan A Man who found FAVOUR with God???????



June Potter

Hannah is one of the most inspiring women in the Bible and also one of the most identifiable women in Scripture for a number of reasons. We recognize her for her sorrow; she wanted a child so badly but she was barren. She prayed to the Lord that she be granted a son and in turn, promised to dedicate his life to the service of the Lord. She received a son, named him Samuel and did not fall sort on her promise. She left her son to be raised in the Temple, while still staying connected to him, providing counsel and wisdom to him through out his life. She is also recognized in the Bible for her sacrifice. She dedicated her baby, Samuel, to the Lord and left him at the Temple to serve God “all the days of his life.” (1 Samuel 1 v 11.) Her son later grew up to be one of the most influential and godly figures in the Bible. One of the most inspiring things about Hannah is the fact that she never gave up hope that the Lord would hear her prayer. SHE WAS ONE OF TWO WIVES. Hannah was one of two wives of a man named Elkanah who lived “in the hill country of Ephraim” near Shiloh. The other wife of Elkanah, Peninnah, had children but Hannah has no child. Because of this Hannah was very grieved due to not been able to conceive. To make matters worse, Peninnah taunted Hannah concerning her barrenness. Although Elkanah loved Hannah and was very kind to her (1 Samuel 5 v 8), Peninnah’s unkindness on top of her natural grief was too much for Hannah to bear, thus she cried out to the Lord. She promised if He would give her a son, she would dedicate him to the Lord, as a Nazirite…a man set apart to serve the Lord. IN HER PRAYER GOD IS PRESENTED AS THE ONE WHO HELPS THE WEAK. Hannah and Peninnah represent the weak and the strong in the world. The strong often mock the weak, but the Lord hears and rescues the Hannah’s of the world. Hannah’s prayer addresses the arrogance of the proud, contrasting their arrogant words with God’s knowledge, which is vast and far beyond their understanding. “The bows of the mighty are broken,” she says, “but the feeble bind on strength.” (1 Samuel 2 v 4.) She begins her prayer with “My heart exults in the Lord, my strength is exalted in the Lord.” Hannah recognized that her strength came from God and not from herself. She was not at all proud in her own strength but rejoiced in God’s ability to make a weakling strong. SHE WAS THE FOURTH WOMAN IN BIBLICAL HISTORY TO SUFFER THROUGH INFERTILITY. Many of the greatest people in the Bible suffered with infertility issues. There are at least seven women in the Bible who were initially childless or what God calls barren. Six of these seven women finally did have children after several years. Those included Hannah, Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel- the mother of Samson, the Shunamite and Elisabeth. Each of these women struggled with extended periods of barrenness. In those days it was a shame for a woman not to bare children for her husband. However, through the Lord they overcame and gave birth to healthy children and many of their children grew up to be powerfully influential people. Although many times it was the woman in the marriage who was physically incapable of bearing children, there were no doubt instances where it was the man who could not gender offspring. HER STORY GIVES US INSIGHT INTO GOD’S HEART. We see through history that God does not despise human desires. Hannah’s longing for a child was obviously placed in her heart by God Himself. Her husband tries to comfort her, saying in loving exasperation, “Am I not more to you than my ten sons?” He does not understand why she can not be content with what she has- namely, him! But Hannah’s desire for a son would not be quenched. She was mocked by Peninnah and rebuked by Eli, but heard by the Lord. He did not chastise her for being discontent even though we know that Godly contentment is great gain (1 Timothy 6 v 6.) But that does not mean that our human desires- even those that overwhelm us with sorrow when they are unmet, are sinful in God’s eyes. He understands our feelings, He knows that “a hope deferred makes the heart sick” (Proverbs 13 v 12) He invites us to bring our requests to Him. HANNAH HAD FIVE MORE CHILDREN AFTER SAMUEL. In God’s house she besought the Creator “to raise her into the empire of motherhood” and to interfere with the law of nature on her behalf. The Lord blessed Hannah with five additional children. The Bible tells us “And the Lord visited Hannah, so that she conceived and bear three sons and two daughters. And the child Samuel grew before the Lord.” (1 Samuel 2 v 21.) Here we have an instance in which a gift is presented to the Lord and the giver receives much more in return. God didn’t simple honour Eli’s blessing the first time, He continued to answer the prayers for Hannah. Childless Hannah was not prayer less. Barren, she still believed and her internal pain found a refuge in prayer. HER SONG MARKS HER AS A PROPHETESS Hannah’s Psalms of thanksgiving marks her as a poetess and a prophetess. With her desire fulfilled, she bursts into song and pours forth her gratitude to the Lord for His goodness, and her Magnificat became the basis of the one the Blessed Virgin Mary was to offer to the same covenant keeping God. Readers will find a strong resemblance between Hannah’s song and that of Mary’s. (Luke 1 v 46 -55.) The spiritual lyric of Hannah is equal to any of the Psalms and is eloquent with the Divine attributes of power, holiness, knowledge, majesty and grace. Such elevated, poetic words elicited by God’s answer to her prayer, has stirred the hearts of saints down all the centuries. The story of Hannah offers many important lessons. First she turned to the Lord in prayer during her time of need. Second, she praised and thanked the Lord when He did not answer her prayer. Next she kept her commitment to the Lord even though it must have been difficult. Finally the lord blessed Hannah beyond what she asked for. In the end Hannah was not only the mother of Samuel but of three other sons and two daughters. The story of Hannah is also an inspiration and encouragement to women struggling with infertility or for some reason unable to have children. Hannah’s attitude of prayer and dependence on the Lord is a wonderful example for us today.

Fond Regards,

June Potter





June Potter

ARE THERE THOSE MOMENTS????????????????????

Are there those moments, those days when your soul, deep within, is so hungry yet nothing seems to bring that nourishment that is needed? You have been walking with your Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ for some time and have seen Him bring so many things to pass due to His power and grace.

Your inner man cries out unto Him for an answer as to why you feel so dry and sort of captured in one place. It is during these difficult and frustrating moments that we are to be completely honest, first with ourselves and then with Him, even though He already knows what is going on.

Maybe we have been too busy with all that life has presented to us? Has our time been taken up with thoughts that are focusing on our troubles and so, without realising it, we have put down our guard and the enemy of the Cross has been tormenting us with a mindset that is bringing unbelief and anxiety into our spirits.

We need to remember that our minds are always the first target satan attacks as when he has brought incorrect thought patterns into being, we slowly but surely, begin to believe that which is being played out within. This is why the Word says to put on the full armour of God so that we are able to come against the wiles of the devil.

The helmet of salvation is the covering of our minds; that is we are to study His Word for ourselves and hide deep within who and what we now are in Him as is written. Then when a spiritual attack comes blasting in without warning, we are well prepared and able to stand against this and all due to knowing what happened when we received Jesus as our Lord and Saviour.

We are new creatures in Christ Jesus, old things have passed away and all has become new. We have put on the new man; that is we see ourselves as His beloved child and are now one with Him as He is One with the Father. In and through Him we are more than conquerors as His strength has now become ours in times of need.

We are able, in faith, to speak to the mountain in front of us and command it to be cast into the sea. Why and how is this possible? Because our trust, our hope, our faith rests in His divine ability to move on our behalf.

If we have become stuck in one place; glued to the floor, on our journey, let us not panic and become unsure of our Saviour’s everlasting, tender love for us but let us draw near to Him and ask Him what actually the problem is. We may realise deep within that we are hungry for more of His ways but due to pride, feel we are unable to reach out and share this with a heart of in depth truth as it then appears, to us anyway, that somehow we have failed and the Lord is disappointed in us. Lies; just more untruths spewing forth from the mouth of the evil one, looking to put us into more bondage!

His Word says in John 6 v 35 “And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life; he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst.” This is such a powerful verse for those who know Him in all His glory.

It also speaks to those who have turned away in their walk with Him plus those who have heard of the Lord and the need of salvation but are still unsure. When the world’s ways have grown cold and offer no joy and satisfaction anymore, the inner man…the spirit of man, is then able to cry out for real nourishment, knowing that at last it will be heard!

Man came forth from the Lord…he was brought into being to be a companion to Him who loves without restriction but man became rebellious and wanted to walk his own way. It is only when man has come to the end of self that he is able to comprehend there deep within his spirit that he needs more.

When he fully grasps the fact that the Great I Am brought him into existence to know and love Him with all his heart, that he is able then to surrender and find complete fulfilment in and through Jesus Christ.

This universal love that our precious Father has reveals itself in 1 Tim. 2 v 4 “Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the Truth.” What exactly is this Truth? It is that salvation is only through the acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

There is no other way to the Father. He is the only door. John 10 v 9 says “I am the door; by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.” Now what does this mean?

We cannot expect to find salvation through any of our own works nor through any other religions but only through the shed Blood of Jesus Christ on the Cross. When we have given our life to Him so we shall find spiritual food waiting for us in His Word, through sermons based on His Word by pastors and teachers that He has led us to.

This is the bread that the verse above was speaking about. The wonderful bread of life…Jesus. This bread nourishes our spirit man and will do so continually if we take the time and make the effort to dwell within Him and what is written. Our soul will become alive for we will then grasp the truth that His grace is sufficient. Romans 3 v 24. We are to nourish our souls and keep ourselves alive unto the ways of the Lord by continually dwelling in Him.

Draw even closer to Him and so experience His ever abiding presence thus bringing an air of confidence into your daily walk with Him. He is your hiding place from every storm; He is your shield against the enemy and your very best friend. His love covers you and those you pray for and never will He turn away in anger from you.

Rise up and declare that because of Him you are able to overcome all that threatens to engulf your very being. Jesus is Lord and there is no other who is the keeper of your precious soul.

Fond Regards,

June Potter


The POWER of His Light - Whe we let the POWER of His Light; Love & Life grip us we will besides bending the KNEE in AWE never be the same again



June Potter

“And this is the condemnation, that Light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.” John 3 v 19. Let us think on what is written in the above verse, dear friends.

Firstly, it appears that man brings upon himself that of condemnation and all because he has chosen not to believe that Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God died on the cross, was dead and resurrected, and now lives forever more thus able to bring about eternal salvation for those who accept and follow after Him through the repentance of sins.

Even when one has come to know and love the Lord and sin in one form or another has overtaken him, there is that within man, that he hides himself away from the Lord for fear of discovery…he no longer is able to walk freely in the Light- that of serving His Lord in Spirit and in Truth, and all because he knows deep within that he is in darkness in a particular area yet again!

Why does this happen? Because all the works of the enemy are that of darkness for in him there is no light whatsoever! His deeds as said in this verse are that of evil. Anything that goes opposite to that, which is of the Lord, our God, is seen in His eyes as that of darkness and evil.

We are told in the written Word that if one walks in darkness then you do not know where you are going! John 12 v 46. This in itself is quite a statement as most people fully believe that they are in complete charge of their own lives. (An example from what we, as South Africans are currently experiencing.) For years we have been going through load shedding as it is called.

However right now, it is very bad and most people are expecting a complete break down of the grid. Four times in a day our electricity is switched off. Sometimes for four hours at a time and then two hours a time. When it is night time all is so dark and without some or other form of light, we may stumble and fall.

Only then do you realise how much we, as human beings, need the light we so take for granted! Plus due to not being seen, there are more robberies all around. People in a delicate place, as we are without light, are targets for being robbed even killed! Let us understand that people are asleep and dead-spiritually- without the Lord Jesus Christ who becomes our Light when born again. Eph. 5 v 14.

This is the reason we are not to get upset when trying to explain to those who are not born again about certain spiritual truths. It is impossible for them to grasp the huge significance of a particular scripture verse or that of us sharing the spiritual gifts etc.

The Word of the Lord can only be understood when one’s spirit is alive unto Him. We are told this in Psalm 27 v 1 “The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life, of whom shall I be afraid?” As His beloved children we have this amazing assurance that He will be with us all the time thus we do not have to dread and fear what lies ahead because His strength becomes our portion. Fear is not from Him; it speaks in His Word as a spirit of fear.

He gives us peace that flows like a river in our soul. If, for some reason, you are experiencing a spirit of darkness that has come upon you, then you need to realise that it is definitely not from Him as in 1 John 1 v 5 it tells us that God is Light and in Him is no darkness at all!

Either you may be mixing with those who have opened themselves to a world where nothing else exists for them than that of fleshly lusts and unclean spirits thus bringing about a transference of their human spirit onto you or that of a demonic transference, thus the intense feeling of darkness that is around about you! Another way in which a spirit of darkness can overtake you is if you have been dabbling in any form of the occult.

These unclean spirits will eventually bring with them depression, fear, instability, etc for you are treading in those areas that have a restriction on them by the Lord Himself. We are told to walk as children of light; Eph. 5 v 8.

How is that, we may ask? In Phil. 2 v 15 it says “That ye may be blameless and harmless without rebuke in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world”. Show His love; be forgiving; walk the extra mile; take not revenge but leave all in the hands of the Lord. Remember the glory of the Lord is risen upon you because your

Light has come. Isaiah 60 v 1. Jesus Christ is alive forever more! He has defeated the darkness, the evil one, by the shedding of His pure holy blood on the cross. You are no longer in darkness thus the day of the thief; satan, can not overtake you! 1 Thes. 5 v 4.

Be encouraged and blessed dear friends and move forward in victory!


Too often too many of us become conten with a casual sensual life feeling good by ""THE PERMISSIONS OF MAN""

Fond Regards,

June Potter


Many Children - We repect the Gifts of Man - Let us ALWAYS apprecite the Gift of a Child



June Potter

Children…called into being. Children forever carried deep within His eternal heart of divine love. Children known and cared for by hands of gentleness and true beauty.

Children given to those who cry in desperation for the seed to become fertile. Children born to those who know not the way of the inner child in themselves. Children raised to become all that He intended yet left to burn through the ways of eternal truth. Children…so many children alone and without…waiting; always waiting.

Children needing to belong yet left and isolated. Children…fragile, neglected and of no consequence. Children able to climb the highest mountains due to tolerance and love. Children; screaming and burdened…lost and without focus. Children so many children growing into adults facing torment without hope.

Children; are we not all children given so as to be one with the King? Dear children; within your small body and your timeless spirit of grace, lies the most wonderful opportunity to reach out and grow as that of the most beautiful flower in His garden of impossibilities.

Not one hair on your head falls to the ground without Him knowing. Nothing that leaves you devastated misses His eye and with a gentle healing touch, you will once again be restored to wholeness. The apple of His eye; the joy of His being; the tender fruit of love divine is what you are to Him.

Time may bring with it the dullness of senses and the rebellion of the ages but the seed of faith and hope in who you truly are, is forever within your now growing spirit and in His time your search for completeness will make a turn and your path will once more be His way and His purpose for your life.

All children have their names written on His heart of mercy. Parents are given the moment in time, recorded in Heaven, to bring His Name into being when instructing and leading the way forward. Parents are but grown up children, so often needing divine strength and power from on high for deep within their own spirits, is a small forgotten child who cries out loud for love and acceptance.

Turn not the little children away from His love and out stretched hands. Bring them to that meeting place so that their little fragile souls may know the joy of coming home. Children…pray for the children…the children who become adults and must rule the nation.

Children washed now in the precious Blood of the Lamb…caring, understanding leaders of tomorrow based on the knowledge that there is only One true God and all must one day stand before Him and give an account of their lives. Children…we are all children at heart for with Him time is that of eternity.

Fond Regards,

June Potter





June Potter

Please dear pastors; preachers; teachers; ministers; men in general; whoever you are and whatever title has been given to you…please hear the voice of a woman; hear the inner voice of women in general.

We are human and made in the image of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ just as you are. We have dreams; hopes and longings exactly the same way as you all do; the difference being at given times, is that we tend to lay bare our desires and inner thoughts whereas men so often hide from their longings; their hurts and their true inner feelings.

We have this inborn desire to be cherished; loved unconditionally and made to feel special to you; the love and desire of our hearts; our precious strong man that we have chosen to walk through life with.

We die each time a little more when we are counted as of no consequence in your life; your work for the Lord; your vision that keeps you so engrossed that you forget the small, simple things which make all the difference in our daily lives.

We so desire to be part of your life; which may include ministry; working from home; out and about selling etc. Of course we do not want every detail; every thought along the way; every known breath you take but in sharing you open yourself and the real you to us and we in turn feel your passion; your tiredness; your insecurities…whatever it may be and then we can uplift and comfort you as only a wife; a friend; a helpmate can.

Don’t look down on us simply because you have decided we will not understand; will not comprehend the huge task in front of you. How do you know this? Maybe we are more tuned in then you realise for we see what is not seen; we hear so often what is not outwardly shared; we discern what you are not saying for if your loved one is in a personal, ongoing, close relationship with her Saviour then He most times chooses to reveal by the word of wisdom, knowledge and discernment, how to pray for you; what to reveal and what to wait on Him for.

We love to be held when unsure; to be uplifted and prayed for; to be close to you in all ways for this in turn gives us the immense feeling of security. After all you are the one on which we can depend. Or are you?

Your strength comes from within you and when close to your heart and spirit our own spirit soars and feels like it can do anything.

Then why dear men, whoever you are, and believe me, it doesn’t matter if you are born again; a man who is simply of a wonderful dispensation; a preacher; a deacon etc, why is it so easy to bypass us when we need you the most?

Yes you say, you are doing a work for the Lord and that is what is most important but truly what is most important is the life you have been given as a husband maybe a father. Ministry begins in the home.

It is been able to uplift your wife when she is hurting; afraid; feeling that you have drifted off and she is unable to reach you. Glory to the Lord is in showing your nearest and dearest the loving compassionate heart of Jesus.

In showing your family that next to Him they are so important and special. How is it possible been abrupt and bad tempered with your family then walking around showing love and concern for outsiders brings the compassion and tenderness of Jesus into a family situation?

Dear men…of all shapes and sizes; ranks; saved and unsaved, please know that if you are into porn and think you are hiding it from your loved one, think again. You are one flesh; one spirit; one in unison and even if you don’t understand that, you are and nothing can change it.

Your addiction to porn brings with it a dreadful price. Women feel degraded and humiliated when their man prefers to gaze with intense lust at naked women in poses so graphic that it leaves nothing at all to the imagination.

During this session of porn, whether it takes a few minutes or lasts for hours, the inner lust experienced leads the man to masturbate to what is before his eyes and unknowingly (maybe dear men you do know) you give your most sacred part of yourself; your seed; to this strange, unknown woman in front of you; and yes, she is real, for the women involved in porn and showing you all, are full blooded women like we are.

We in turn are then expected to feel passion, respect and undying love for you when you reach out towards us for intimacy! Pray; do share men; how would you feel if your wife; the wife who has given her all to you, were to secretly gaze in awe and unbridled lust for another man’s body?

If we were to think day and night about the poses he does; the full view we behold in front of us of his genitals and then wish, you too, were the size he was; the gorgeous shape his upper body was and could do all the things with us that we see on that particular site?

We as women want to be the only person you want to embrace with a passion so rich and powerful that we are left longing and waiting in anticipation for your special touch; your body so beautiful in our eyes whether you are small in build or of a larger stature.

When you have returned from your so called secret porn sessions please know that 99 per cent of all women feel dirty when you touch or gaze upon them for no longer are you THEIR man but now you are THAT woman’s man on the porn site. Your spirit is tarnished and we discern it, even if nothing is said at first.

Bit by bit your mind will be taken over for satan always attacks the mind and soon what you found so enthralling will not be enough and you will need more and more filth so as to satisfy your inward lust.

Women want more then anything to be respected by you, our men, for as you show us this dignity so we blossom and even grow in the area of self confidence.

We make mistakes; don’t understand all that you are interested in but in our hearts we still want to be a part so please do not discard us as of no consequence. Realise we may need some time to process the manly things you men find so exciting; cars, technology etc.

No matter what may be said in today’s world about women been equal to men in all areas, deep down women who are true to their own inner spirit know that we are not in physical strength; in certain inbred characteristics etc.

We do want to love and nurture you; we do want to be safe in your arms; we do want you to lead us but we are not your personal slaves without intelligence; we are not your punching bags when the world gets to you and we are not called to give up our personalities when becoming your woman.

We are all unique and are called to walk alongside you with love and understanding but you too are called to love us as Christ loves His church.

Please will you sort out your own inner fears and anger just because we have a say in a matter. If the Lord had wanted us women to be forever silent; devoid of emotions, no matter what is thrown at us; so submissive that we are like half dead zombies he would have not formed us from you.

Are you half dead; are you devoid of all emotions; do you like been the brunt of irritations that actually have nothing to do with you? No!!!

So if we came from you, yet made with the Hand of the Lord in love, we are like you in so many ways.

ear men, we think as a whole, that you are pretty amazing; powerfully made and so full of passionate yet tender capabilities that we ask you in turn to love us as your woman; your special woman.

We can be hard headed; full of ups and downs but in our hearts we are silently calling out to you to take us in your strong arms and love us back to wholeness.

You were created a man and we are women; just waiting; always waiting for your acceptance, acknowledgement and love for us just as we are. Be blessed dear friends and know that truth always prevails thus setting us free due to the expression of the inward heart.

Be Challenged to be Real


June Potter

Note by the Editor (Stan Almendro)


WHO IS A MAN OF GOD - Oh to Show the Special Character of a Man WHO KNOWS to have a HEART that is Real

This video and the article by June Potter is a challenge so needed by us Male Species. The presence of children in a family is not always proof of a real man. It could purely be the demand of INTAMACY. Man has removed himself from the purpose and desire of God. ARE WE FULFILLING IT to the FULL !!!!!

DANCING CHILDREN - Who knows the Simplistic Innocent Joy of a childs Heart



June Potter

Dancing under the stars, her tender little face aglow with the inner passion she felt deep within, Sarah became completely oblivious to all around her.

The movement of her gracious steps so in tune to her own inner music, gave all that were awake to the charm and beauty of one so young and innocent, a sense of watching a scene from a movie of immense grace and tranquillity.

The young and innocent know not the harshness of a world in array for their trust and belief is in the adults who have been given the call to raise children brought into this world by His divine desire.

To walk through the corridors of growth every parent needs the determination and strength of Him who brought all things into existence for to raise children in a world now determined to wipe away all that is of the norm, is a task one can surely not do alone.

To be open minded is the cry from those who have no value or understanding of their God given worth thus it is so easy to switch from one style of being to another. Self love and all its own thoughts, remains intact deep within with no concern as to how these behaviour patterns affect the little children growing and watching from the sidewalk.

To stay innocent for as long as possible is of no consequence to those who have a hidden agenda of being their own god, thus confusing delicate minds as to what is right and wrong.

Dance under the glowing light of the stars above, precious and graceful child of His. Dance and allow the fragrance of His merciful compassion to remain forever hidden deep within your tender spirit so in tune to Him.

Believe as one who has complete and utter trust in His ability to watch over you, thus bringing you forth from the land of corruption without a touch of insecurity and fear.

His love will cover and protect you as those who guard over you through prayer and intercession, send up their hopes and dreams to Him who rules supreme.

The glowing inner beauty of a child in unison to her creator is that of trust and unwavering faith. Dance and become one with your child O parents for today will soon be gone and in its place will be the tomorrow of adulthood with all that is now but a fading dream of what once was.

Children are a gift of the Lord and to be given such a priceless present reveals the never ending love and amazing grace of our heavenly Father so in tune to the cries of His beloved.


Fond Regards,

June Potter




June Potter

To Job the Lord said “Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? When the morning stars sang together, who shut up the seas with doors when it break forth, as if it had issued out of the womb?

When I made the cloud the garment thereof, and thick darkness a swaddling band for it. And break up for it my decreed place, and set bars and doors. And said, hitherto shalt thou come but no further, and here shall thy proud waves be stayed. Hast thou entered into the treasures of the snow or hast thou seen the treasures of the hail?

By what way is the light parted which scattereth the east wind upon the earth? Who hath divided a watercourse for the overflowing of waters, or a way for the lightning of thunder?” As we can see, the Lord Himself is in complete control of His earth and all that takes place.

He is after all Sovereign and if we follow after foreign teaching that declares He is no longer in control and we have taken His place then when disaster faces us as individuals, we will, unfortunately, come to the conclusion that we have no power except for that which we exercise in Him, through faith in His finished work at Calvary.

When born again and following the Word, in obedience to what is laid out for us so as to have a fulfilled life, we are now one with Him as He is with the Father. Our strength, our healing in all areas, our gifts; our faith ventures, it is all in Him and because of Him. We do not control our own destiny, the miracles, the moving of the Holy Spirit in a meeting, our own lives etc.

As we surrender our lives knowing He has the very best stored up for us, so we will walk in His peace for the pathway He has chosen is the one necessary for us at that point in time. To trust in His ability to bring to pass what He has planned for us is that of a laying down of our own willful ways and wants, knowing that He sees the road ahead whereas we only see the now of the given situation, even if He has graciously shown us various things coming to pass.

If He continually revealed all that was to take place, then we would never have to walk in faith; trust Him, neither would we grow in His knowledge and ways. Man is but a mere human being who needs a Saviour because of his sinful nature and although repentance these days is a word no one likes to hear, it is still the only way to the Cross for we are all sinners in need of forgiveness and restoration.

There is no other way to be saved then to come to Jesus, realizing the price He paid in shedding His pure Blood. When preachers bring with them their fleshly ways and egos that have not been nailed to the Cross then the flock do not benefit for that of a transference of the human spirit is laid upon them and in most cases this fleshly covering becomes theirs. It becomes amazing to see how those that are not learned in the Word have now taken on the characteristics of the one in charge of the flock.

We are not the creator of new limbs or new bodies and if a miracle is to take place then the realization of the one praying needs to be that he or she is but a vessel used in the Hands of our Lord and King.

He will not share His glory with any one person and it needs to be stated that Jesus is the healer! Strange tactics need not come into play when praying for the sick, it is the power of His love and compassion that reaches out to those in need and this is the character of our Saviour. Money accepted before hand, whether for an offering or a “bribe” in getting one healed is not necessary as one cannot pay for His tender, healing touch. Freely you have received, freely give.

The Church, the Body of Christ, needs to come back to His written Word and take hold of all that is shown for a successful abundant life in Him. The Gospel is the Good news and not a way to enrich the preacher or the board members. We as the Body need to reach out and share His love, His forgiveness, His deliverance and His Church needs to be a haven where the sick, the lonely, the beaten down, the back sliders; the unsaved can come and be loved back to wholeness.

The Church needs to be the light to the nation showing by her deeds that Jesus Christ is the only way back to God the Father and help for a country most times on a downward spiral due to practices been played out in complete opposite to His Word.

We, as His children are in this world but we are not of this world and so long as we put Him and His way first then His protective covering will be upon us. Let us not be deceived by new age movements; occultic practices, false religions etc.

The only way to stop this from taking place within the Church is if His children study the Word for themselves, put it to the test by acting on it and if necessary confronting the pastor when false doctrine is preached with signs not from Him but from spirits of darkness thus bringing the flock unknowingly into bondage.

As in Job, He is God, He is Lord and nothing and no one can alter that fact. We are His children when born again and His Hand is upon us so let us help in bringing the truth of what is written in His Word to a world in turmoil.

Be Blessed



HE IS - YES He IS WITH you and WILL forever be With You



June Potter

Psalm 34 v 18 says “The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit.” Dear friends, are you aware just how much the Lord loves and cares for you?

When you are struggling in various and many ways and it feels as if nobody even notices you, please know His presence is right there beside you.

So often we become entangled in the affairs of life, never even thinking that somewhere on our path, we may experience physical, mental, emotional and spiritual brokenness.

It is then that we must stop and turn in faith to Him as this is often the time when we make our biggest mistakes. If we bottle everything up inside then we stop ourselves from experiencing the love and care of people and that which comes from the Lord.

By crying out in faith to the One who knows all things, so we will find that the gentle refreshing touch of the Holy Spirit will not only soothe our inner emotional pain, but in time completely heal what needs to be put together again.

The Lord was right there when nasty words where thrown at you! He saw and took note of how demeaned you felt. When you gave your very best and it was not good enough, His presence saw the pain of rejection that engulfed your whole being.

A broken heart is not something to be taken lightly as it brings one down to a level of no longer feeling worthy or adequate enough in areas. If trust has been broken, it brings with it a huge load of other internal emotions.

The Lord desires for His children to walk in honesty and to be those who uplift one another and definitely not those who break others down.

When serious, devastating circumstances have come into play, it is very hard to be able to say “It is well with my soul”. And honestly why should we? After all, our heavenly Father knows exactly how we are feeling and He still desires to love and comfort us.

Please know He has compassion for you and in His might He will see you through every difficult situation as you cast your burdens onto Him.

He is truly the lover of your soul, the One who is able to calm your inner storm and bit by bit you will become whole once more.

Gracious is He who calls you His own.


Fond regards,

June Potter


CHILDREN & BOUNDARIES - Not always easy to consider them a Gift OR Is it ou INABILITY to COPE



June Potter

Are you struggling with your child who continually pushes your limits? You try and reason with him but nothing helps. He just does as he wants, regardless of anything you say or do? Perhaps, due to constantly giving in to his demands, you now have a problem and no longer know what the answer is.

Of all areas in which boundaries are crucially important, none is more relevant than that of raising children. How we approach boundaries and child rearing will have enormous impact on the characters of our children. On how they develop values.

On how well they do in school. On the friends they pick. On whom they marry. And on how well they do in a career. God, at His deepest level is a lover. (1 John 4 v 8.) He is relationally oriented and relationally driven. He desires connection with us from womb to tomb. “I have loved you with an everlasting love.” Jer. 31 v 3. God’s loving nature is not passive…it is active.

Love multiplies itself. God the relational lover is also God, the aggressive Creator. He wants to fill up His universe with beings who care for Him, who love Him and have love for each other. The family is the social unit God invented to fill up the world with representatives of His loving character.

It’s a place for nurturing and developing babies until they are mature enough to go out of the family as adults and to multiply His image in other surroundings. God first picked the nation Israel to be His children. After centuries of resistance by Israel, however, God chose the church. “Because of (Israel’s) transgression, salvation has come to the Gentiles to make Israel envious.”

Romans 11 v 11. The body of Christ has the same role as Israel had…to multiply God’s love and character. The church is often described as a family. We are to do good “especially to those who belong to the family of believers.” Gal. 6 v 10. Believers “are members of God’s household.” Eph. 2 v 19.

We are to “know how people ought to conduct themselves in God’s household.” 1 Tim. 3 v 15. These and many other powerful passages show us how God “thinks family.” He explains His heart as a parent would. He is a father; a daddy and He likes His job.

This Biblical portrayal of God helps show us how parenting is such a vital part of bringing God’s own character to this planet in our own little ones. God, the good parent, wants to help us, His children, grow up. He wants to see us “become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.” Eph. 4 v 13. Part of this maturing process is helping us know how to take responsibility for our lives.

It’s the same with our own flesh and blood children. Second only to learning how to bond, to form strong attachments, the most important thing parents can give children is a sense of responsibility; knowing what they are responsible for and knowing what they are not responsible for. Knowing how to say no and knowing how to accept no. Responsibility is a gift of enormous value.

Developing boundaries in young children is that proverbial ounce of prevention. If we teach responsibility, limit setting and delay of gratification early on, the smoother our children’s later years of life will be. The work of boundary development in children is the work of learning responsibility. As we teach them the merits and limits of responsibility, we teach them autonomy- we prepare them to take on the tasks of adulthood. The Scriptures have much to say about the role of boundary setting in child rearing. Usually we call it discipline.

The Hebrew and Greek words that scholars translate as “discipline” mean “teaching”. This teaching has both a positive and a negative slant. The positive facets of discipline are proactivity, prevention and instruction. Positive discipline is sitting someone down to educate and train him in a task. Fathers are to raise children “in the training and instruction of the Lord.” Eph 6 v 4.

The negative facets of discipline are correction, chastisement and consequences. Negative discipline is letting children suffer the results of their actions to learn a lesson in responsibility. Good child rearing involves both preventive training and practice, and correctional consequences.

Discipline is an external boundary, designed to develop internal boundaries in our children. It provides a structure of safety until the child has enough structure in his character to not need it. Good discipline always moves the child toward more internal structure and more responsibility.

What specific needs do boundaries meet in our children? Self protection is one. To keep the good in and the bad out. Children need to be able to say no to what they feel uncomfortable about. They need to be able to disagree without getting the cold shoulder for a difference of opinion.

They need to feel safe. Without a solid sense of boundaries, it becomes difficult to filter out our needs from those of others. Children need to be taught to experience their own needs. They must be allowed to talk about their anger.

They must be allowed to express grief, loss or sadness without trying to cheer them up and talk them out of their feelings. For them to take ownership of their needs they need to identify them.

There is so much more to learn about children and boundaries but for now may we ask the Lord for His wisdom and guidance in helping our children grow up knowing what is right and acceptable and what is wrong and unacceptable.

His grace will carry us through and with his help, we can be an example to them.


June Potter




This is great, real and True when they return to the Beauty of a Well Balanced Life


The reverse of this is also unavoidable because""Bring them up as Ill-Disciplined and Rubbish""


They can and often do return to it and WALLOW in the mud of the GRIME of Life




June Potter

Precious soul, are you perhaps struggling with unanswered prayers? You have prayed and fasted; believed with your whole heart that you are genuinely seeking what you consider to be the very best for your life, yet nothing has transpired.

All of us come in true sincerity unto our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and in faith place our request before Him. It may be a particular thing that we believe will bring happiness into the lives of others or something that will make our own existence far more comfortable.

It could just be a small simple desire that has been hidden deep within us for many years. There is no problem I am sure concerning these prayers yet we never seem to see them fulfilled which can lead us to believing that the Lord is not really interested in us but favours others far more.

They always have answered prayers, so we come to believe, which in turn leads us to experience bitterness and resentment towards them and even the Lord. Before long we find ourselves becoming angry with life in general. Yet Psalm 139 v 17 says “How precious also are thy thoughts unto me O God! How great is the sum of them!” Verse 18 says “If I could count them, they are more in number than the sand; when I awake, I am still with thee.”

What an amazing and encouraging word from the Lord towards us His children. Not only does it reveal to us that He has precious thoughts towards us but it is obviously an ongoing process deep within His loving heart. We can see from reading this that we can rejoice at His tender mercies and grace, not withstanding the fact that when we awake, we are STILL WITH HIM.

He is and always will be with us; never will He leave nor forsake us. Psalm 119 v 62 says “I rejoice at thy Word, as one that findeth great spoil.” As we begin to read and study His Word with the help of the Holy Spirit, who makes it alive unto our spirit man, so we will realise and grasp the truth that we have indeed found a great and mighty spoil…His everlasting Truth.

The world can never offer us fulfilment but His Word reveals His way of walking which allows a heavenly peace that passeth all human understanding to fill our hearts and minds. We begin to know deep within that Isaiah 55 v 9 “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.” is indeed the full truth.

Now we can lay down our burdens…those burdens that cause us to wonder why our prayers are not answered as yet. Surely, as we have seen from the above verse, we need not be anxious anymore for He is in control and wants only the best for us.

If we would put aside all the thoughts of doubt that the enemy is whispering in our ear and just be still before Him so He will do as this Scripture says in Daniel 2 v 2 “He revealeth the deep and secret things; He knoweth what is in the darkness, and the light dwelleth with Him.”

He will speak to us thus bringing hope alive once more and as the flame of faith begins to burn brightly so we can boldly say together with those of old who were inspired by the Holy Spirit to write “Your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask Him.” Matt 6 v 8. Dear friend, we serve a Heavenly Father who knows what you have need of before you even ask…absolute amazing love in action!

Yes, our prayers may not be answered in the exact way we want, but He knows and sees what is up ahead of us. He knows all things and thus He desires for our will to line up with His will so as to give us peace and His expected end. Jer. 29 v 11 says “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.”

Trust Him and in so doing, you will find that He indeed hears the prayers of the righteous (Prov 15 v 28) and when we are IN CHRIST, His Righteousness has become ours. You are His beloved child so fret not but rather give thanks for all that He has done on your behalf and all that He will do as you surrender your all to Him.




THE FIERY TRIALS - Our MISUNDERSTANDING when praying for something like faith brings us into the SIGHTS of God who has a PASSION to answer our prayers very often through EXPERIENCES for us to GROW into it and NOT have it as a HANDOUT!!!!



June Potter

Do you perhaps feel that nothing is going your way?

No matter how much you pray and seek the Lord concerning a given situation, everything just stays the same! You may have rebuked all demonic forces that perhaps feel have been coming against you, confessed hidden attitudes and sins, even giving more, yet still you see no change. (OF COURSE IT MIGHT BE GOD WORKING IN YOU)

Let us look at things now from a different perspective; from various writings in His Word of Truth. 1 Peter 4 v 12-13 says “Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you, but rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ’s sufferings; that when his glory shall be revealed; ye may be glad also with exceeding joy.” Notice it says “which is to try you”.

Unfortunately so many of His children have this strange notion that when walking with the Lord it will be that of continual smooth sailing!

This is so far from the truth…His written Truth! How are we to know exactly what dwells deep within our hearts if not tried and tested? It is one thing to rejoice and praise the Lord when all is going well in our lives but to be able to do this when affliction comes our way is something entirely different!

The Bible tells us He is our divine leader who leads people. How? In difficult places. “But why, our inner man shouts out? I do not like to struggle and not be in charge of what is going on!” He does it, dear friends, to test us. To reveal to us, His beloved, what is there deep within our hearts.

He already knows all the answers but most times we need to see ourselves as He already has. Deut. 8 v 2 says “And thou shalt remember these forty years in the wilderness, to humble thee, and to prove thee, to know what was in thine heart, whether thou wouldst keep his commandments, or no!”

So we can gather from the above verse that we may have hidden deep within us that nasty attitude of pride and arrogance thus we need to be humbled. In sharing the Gospel with the lost, it is of vital importance that we present it in love. “For God so loved the world…”

If we feel superior because we are saved and have been blessed then those we are sharing with will instantly be aware of this and not able to relate to the love of Jesus.

Remember Jesus Himself walked in humility of spirit and this is how we are to be. We can rest assured we will always have to check this aspect of our character. Then the Lord says this wilderness experience we are going through is to prove us.

Are we going to give up and turn away from all that He did for us on the Cross or are we going to stand and having done all, stand! Will our hearts remain steadfast in His written Word or will we discard what does not suit us? None of us are exempt from fiery trials.

None of us are above testing! Now remember even though you are in a fiery trial; a test of your faith, He tells us He leads us like a Shepherd and no place is beyond the reach of His hand. He is constantly leading us steadily towards the Cross- the Truth. Why? Because “As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten.” Rev. 3 v 19.

He knows that when He has tried us, we shall come forth as gold. Job. 23 v 10. He is busy refining us spiritually. 1 Peter 1 v 7 tells us “That the trial of your faith, been much more precious than of gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honour and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ.”

Can you understand now that all the fiery trials, tests, refining, etc is because of His love for you? Not to harm you but to bring you to a place of maturity and thus able to stand strong regardless of what transpires.

We are called to bring forth much fruit but this can only happen as we are pruned. John 15 v 2. Take hold of His Word, follow after it and not that of self, realising as Simon Peter said in John 6 v 68 that His words are that of eternal life.

He knows what He is doing concerning your life therefore trust in Him “For by Him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether thy be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers; all things were created by Him, and for Him” Col. 1 v 16.

Rest friends in Him. Embrace in faith the fiery trial that you are experiencing knowing He is right there with you for He promises never to leave nor forsake you.


Dump the regular prayer line once a week jab to feel sorry about what we are doing and spend that ENERGY yielding to God

Kind Regards,






June Potter

We all desire to have healthy and happy relationships with people, whether it be with friends, our spouse, family members or our children. When we know the Lord as our Saviour we realise this is how He would have it be but often we fall short in various areas and this can lead to one or the other been offended, angry or even rejected.

When these things happen, and they do, we need to hear from the Lord as what to do, because leaving a situation unresolved can not only play on our minds thus giving us no peace, but block our ability in hearing from Him. Many times we may find that if someone is very different from us we can have one of two ways towards him; the first being an attitude of rejecting him and the second being an attitude of receiving him.

To reject another person means that you do not accept him as he is. Rejection is an attitude which says “You must change to please me if you want me to accept you.” To receive another person means that you freely accept him as he is without placing any conditions on him.

It does not mean that you do not see his faults or that you approve of all that he is doing. It simply means that you receive him just as Jesus Christ has received you. Romans 15 v 7 says “Wherefore receive ye one another, as Christ also received us to the glory of God.” Jesus died for us when we were yet sinners. He did not say to us, “I will not receive you until you change.”

No, He received us fully and freely, just as we were, and extended to us all the privileges and benefits of a child of God. This is the attitude God wants us to have towards others. Whether we realize it or not, the attitude we have towards another person has a profound affect on them. If we have an attitude of rejection then it prevents God’s love from flowing through you to them.

It tends to “bind” them and prevents them from being what He wants them to be. However the attitude of receiving a person allows His love to flow through you to that person. It tends to “release” him to become what God wants him to be. A Christian father shared the following account of how the Lord worked in his life and in his son’s life.

“Do I have to go along?” sulked our fifteen year old as he dragged his feet across the floor. “I want to stay home with my friends and besides the car will be full, and who wants to drive 600 miles folded up like a pretzel in a stupid old car?” Brad’s display of smouldering anger now pinpointed a growing problem which had plagued our relationship recently.

Deep down my heart confessed to an increasing resentment towards Brad. I didn’t like his friends nor the way he wore his hair, and I felt especially sick about the music he was into. Communication between us had begun to be strained. Brad unwillingly accompanied us and somehow we scraped through the week.

But when we got back home, we found ourselves as parents on our knees before God. “Lord” we prayed “we know only too well that this could spell real disaster and not just for Brad. Surely others will be hurt as well if he continues on in rebellion. We will not let him go on like this. God you have got to give us the answer,” we demanded. “Please show us.”

I was hardly prepared for the answer that came from the Lord. He focused the search light on my heart attitudes, and that which had been shadowed for too long, suddenly became painfully evident. “As long as you choose to reject, resent and condemn Brad, My hands are tied,” God said to me. “You are standing in the way of My touching your son. You are the real problem”.

“Oh Lord,” I groaned in consternation. He continued searching me. “When I accepted you in My Son, Jesus, did I demand that you become holy and righteous before I accepted you? Where there not yet many things in your life which displeased Me? Yet I enfolded you in My love and acceptance for My Son’s sake.” I fought hard with His next words “Will you know go to your son and confess your wrong attitudes and resentment, criticism and rejection?

Will you ask his forgiveness for your sin against him?” “But Lord,” I remonstrated. “He is rebellious and he is wrong”. The Lord answered and said “I am aware of that my child and I have a remedy but you are the greater problem. What about it? I can wait as long as you make Me wait but if you refuse to break, I can’t promise that you won’t lose your son”.

As I struggled with God’s proposition the issue became excruciatingly clear, and while I had no promise as to what would happen in my son, I understood what, I his father, had to do. God was not asking me to accept my son’s rebellion. He was asking me to love and accept him genuinely and unconditionally as he was and not as I wanted him to be.

While the humbling was very painful to me, suddenly I became too afraid to not let my will be broken. The consequences for Brad and for me would simply be too heavy to bear. I knew then that God was waiting for me, not my son.

When obedience to the Lord followed, they found themselves in each other’s arms, tears washing away all the father’s resentment towards his son. Brad too began to weep and with a broken heart acknowledged his rebellion and asked for forgiveness from both his parents.

Two years passed since that time and although the father has failed in various ways since then, Brad has moved steadily onward with the Lord. The Lord says He will not despise a broken and contrite heart and who can tell what will happen in lives when His powerful, redemptive love finds in us a channel?

May we all realize that before we pass any judgement on another because of what we dislike or resent about them, let us remember how much Jesus loved and accepted us just as we were. Love always wins over rejection.

Fond Regards,


OUR HIGH PRIEST yes He is touched and MOVED by our INFIRMITIES



June Potter

Hebrews 4 v 14-16 says “Therefore, since we have a great high priest, who has gone through the heavens, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold firmly to the faith we profess. For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are- yet was without sin.

Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.” Jesus is a High Priest forever after the order of the eternal Melchizedek priesthood because this priesthood is continuous and will never end.

The Aaronic priests could not make people perfect because they themselves were sinful, but Jesus Christ is eternal and sinless. It may be hard for us to grasp this truth that the Lord Jesus sympathizes with our weaknesses as after all He is the Lord and should we not be past these moments of temptations? We may have a tendency to be hard on ourselves for even thinking incorrect thoughts as after all we have put on the new man in Christ and all should be going smoothly!

However we need to realize and accept the fact that we are still human beings in a world that is now beyond wicked. We are in the world but not of it yet we often times are drawn to certain things and if weak in areas, we could very well fall into temptation of some sort.

Then what do we do? Run away and hide from our Lord, hoping He never saw what transpired? Or do we pretend it wasn’t so bad and we can just continue as if nothing happed? No, we can never hide from our gracious Lord for all things are seen and heard by Him. And by pretending all is well with our soul is nothing more than falsehood which will in time lead us to start falling behind in our walk with Him.

Our heart can try and deceive us but our spirit man knows we must confess our sin, ask forgiveness and so be cleansed and washed in the blood of Jesus Christ. When we understand that He was tempted in all ways as we are, but did not give into what was trying to lead Him astray, then we know He perfectly understands human nature and so we are able to approach the throne of grace with confidence and faith in His love thus able to receive mercy, that tender mercy that flows forth from Him to His own and grace is found so to as help us in our time of need.

We become tempted because the flesh in general desires to sin regardless of the inner truth that we know deep within that we need not walk this way because He became sin on our behalf. Let us look at something interesting now. There are levels in a way of Christian living. Some Christians live in the basement, so to speak, of Christian experience, merely inside the building, but where it is dark, dismal and gloomy.

Then you find those who live on the ground floor. They leave the first foundations and go on. Some sunlight enters, but their outlook is upon the circumstances about them. They live very close to the world. Others live up higher. Sunlight and warmth fill the rooms.

The noise and the attractions of the worldly street do not disturb them and the air is pure. The outlook is towards the blue skies and the distant mountains. They live above the world, hid with Christ in God.

The Lord desires for all His children to live continuously in this high realm where we realise that although life is difficult and complicated at times, we know in whom we believe and trust thus able to rise above the circumstances and all because of our faith in Him. To be hid with Christ in God is so amazing!

The Lord Jesus struggled, He had emotions, He went through fear etc but He knew in whom He believed. He gave over to what was expected of Him knowing the will of His Father was of far greater value than His own.

When we get to the point of not wanting to sin and thus able to turn from the temptation calling out to us, which incidentally is our own flesh and its lust, then we are living in His will for our lives, that of being in a high realm.

Turn friends to your High Priest, Jesus Christ. Cry out to Him when in need and trust in His amazing grace and tender mercies to deliver you from all that is maybe leading you astray.


Fond Regards,

June Potterxxxx




June Potter

Descending from the heavens above, so the winds of time began their journey, gathering momentum as if driven by a silent inner power known only to them.

Swirling around various and many flourishing trees and plants of intricate beauty, the call of their music leaves the tune of amazing grace forever settled in nature’s glowing magic, brought into existence by a heart of all consuming love, power and utter perfection known by no mere human being.

To each and every part of creation there is a season in which lies that special moment to grow, bloom and flourish in all its God given capability. The brand-new season of growth, where the inner seed hidden deep within, comes once more to the surface, ready to accept its chance to move in unison with the winds of time.

Taken on a journey, seen only by His eyes of love and majestic power, so the seed now ready to be planted in the soil of complete abundance finds its own wings and lends itself to settle in exactly the correct position already well prepared before time and existence began.

In the appointed moment its inner beauty will take hold and once more the perfect picture paintings of His flowers of tender grace will open, thus allowing all of mankind the privilege of beholding the ongoing glory of His infinite rule and reign.

Nothing is too difficult, too hard for the One who called all things into being, who formed man in His Image and who rules and will continue to reign forever more! Waiting…there are those of human form who are waiting with abated breath for their own way forward, their own new beginning.

The season and time when their hearts of stone are finally turned, thus giving them the ability to behold and experience His all-consuming love. A love that knows no bounds, has no inner restrictions, and gives of itself freely to all who call out for deliverance from internal brokenness and bondage.

A bondage they did surely not see coming but when it arrived, was of such power that their heart once filled with hope, faith and belief in all of mankind, had turned to that of ice, now unable to set itself free from the cold hardness brought on by the lies of the one whose goal was and always is, to destroy and devour all who are now washed in the pure Holy Blood of the Son of God.

The outer masks forever on hand to be seen as strong powerful trees, giving shelter to others burnt by the sun’s rays on their journey to the end of their earthly God given life. Nothing appeared too much…forever walking that extra mile.

The years brought with them the false persona of “it is well with my soul.” His all-consuming power descends down into the very heart of mankind; of His own and beholds the bondage that His now lost sheep are in. Closed is the heart, unable to receive the beauty of pure love and forever crying forth for deliverance from the inner monster of spiritual death.

Death in all areas…that dark spirit of death that blocks the everlasting rays of eternal light. Longing to shine…hoping, believing for all fragmented pieces to be put together thus bringing forth a pathway of success and inner peace.

Free from the torment of showers of false guilt and what once was.

Free to take hold and savour the fragrance of the rose of sheer beauty, its petals so soft and tender to the touch.

Free to fly within thus discovering the external grace and mercy of the creator and His creation. Deep within, the smallest of whispers reaches His heart of all knowledge and wisdom, forever calling for that moment in time, when deliverance will cascade down as that of the crystal-clear waterfall of forgiveness and mercy.

Faith, however small, knows its own inner power for faith is but the beautiful covering of the One who paid such a price for the salvation of mankind. As the hand of divine strength breaks the chains in two, so the darkness of spirit must flee, for there is surely no power as that of the Heavenly Father who brought all into being to raise children washed and cleansed in the Blood of His only begotten Son.

Freedom is for those who long and cry out to see beyond the clouds of utter despair and with but a drop of faith as that of a mustard seed, reach out to a love that can never be diminished by hearts of stone brought into existence by circumstances out of human control.

With chains now lying on the heart’s floor, so the spirit of internal freedom beckons man to take the first step and soar as the eagle above the clouds of what has always been that of restriction.

With newfound wings so he takes flight and beholds the beauty of the rainbow now shining brightly within his heart of internal joy. The promise is true; the power of Him and His love is real. Peace replaces the turmoil of destruction, and his own inner glow of completion pours forth its gratefulness on all that is within its sight.

As the music of contentment settles all around, so the birds of paradise and every creation of nature and animal alike sing in tune with one soul delivered from the chains of inner bondage.

When able to love and be loved in return so all takes on a beauty no human soul can destroy or capture for love as powerful as His, given to a heart in distress, forever blooms in the pure garden of the One who gave His all for its eternal freedom. Rest precious soul in Him.

Fond Regards,





June Potter

Let us take a look at sexual abuse. Maybe not a subject people want to read or discuss but never the less there are things we need to understand and grasp so as to help those who may just come our way. Many people, saved and unsaved have a story to tell; a heavy burden they have been carrying plus struggle in areas that bring forth depression, guilt, a lack of worth etc. Sexual abuse is the most damaging of all abuse and this is because the body was built to be a temple of the Holy Spirit.

1 Cor. 6 v 18-20; to be shared with a mate in sanctification and honour, not in lust.

1 Thes. 4 v 3-6. As we are joined to one another in sexual embrace, it is never a physical union only; it involves our whole person. It is impossible to touch the body only, because it is the spirit in every cell which gives life to the body.

James 2 v 26. In the marriage relationship, we are designed to become one flesh in blessedness as God ordained.

Gen. 2 v 24. To come together in any other way is defilement.

Heb. 13 v 4. A woman is described as a deep well of refreshment for her man in Prov. 5 v 15-19. A man who drinks from a well which is not his, not only violates and uses the woman, he defrauds the brother who is to become her future husband.

1 Thes. 4 v 3-6. A wholesome sexual relationship in the sanctity of marriage strengthens personal identification in the sense of being chosen and cherished, belonging and resting where the Lord has called us to be. Sexual abuse confuses identity, plants fear of being chosen, offers no promise of being cherished, and makes a girl wonder how God could allow such a horrible thing to happen!

Psm. 32 v 3 says “When I kept silent about my sin, my body wasted away through my groaning all day long.” The Lord deals with those who sin against us. “Never take your own revenge, beloved, but leave room for the wrath of God, for it is written “ Vengeance is Mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”

Rom. 12 v 19. Our call is simply “Be kind to one another, tender hearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ also has forgiven you.”

Eph. 4 v 32. One’s spirit needs to be loosed from the one who violated her. This is very important. Let me take a moment and share some things with you. When I was a very young girl, about 5 years of age, I was playing with a small young boy. We lived in a block of flats and in those days things were very different to what is that of now! Behind the block where this young boy lived were dustbins waiting to be emptied.

He saw a horse eating from a bin and ran up behind it so as to touch it. Suddenly a backward kick from the horse sent him flying literally into the bin.

Crying and screaming I managed to help him out and we went to where he stayed. His father helped him and then after a while he and I began playing with his cars on the lounge floor.

Crawling on my knees as an innocent young girl, I was taken aback when I felt these fingers touching my private small parts from behind.

The father decided it was okay to do what he so felt. Of course I got up and went home, telling no one. Also while in primary school I was put on the neck of a family member and he tried to bring me to a stage of arousal.

When visiting a friend from my primary school, I had her brother begin to fondle me when playing a game of hide and seek.

During a visit with my parents to their friends, myself and their one daughter all played games in the dark and finally went to bed together where she outright took my hand so as to arouse her, thus taking me into a world I did not know about.

Unfortunately my father at one point began the same thing by touching me thus causing me to never feel safe in his bed as a young girl.

Why have I shared these incidents with you? And there are many more, dreadful violent scary things that took place but for now I need you to grasp this one truth and that is no person has the right to overstep boundaries and break trust in a small, young innocent child as these instances never leave one’s spirit even though they may have experienced the merciful tender touch of the Lord’s love and grace.

The inner feeling of being unclean needs to be cleansed. Acts 11 v 9 says “What God has cleansed, no longer consider unholy.” Jesus Himself is the water of life.

When sexually assaulted one tends to build walls. Walls of isolation are built to hide the shame felt of no longer being good enough.

Yes, when born again and washed in the pure Blood of Jesus Christ, we do understand that we are free from the past and now made anew.

Yet due to memories rushing in without warning and flooding one’s soul all over again, one needs to be comforted instead of told to forget the past! Our spirit man often goes to sleep in some areas where we have closed it off due to no longer desiring to feel every emotion, every picture shown and so experience the hurt, pain, fear and loneliness that has being ours for so long.

Look after your children friends for they are a gift from the Lord. Notice changes in their behaviour, listen to what they have to say and be involved in their young lives. When as an adult you are closed in your own home, your keys removed, forced to comply or else you may just die, then please know, the Lord is your healer and your guide.

He will help you through the anxiety and fear that threatens to engulf you at times and love, His gentle, unconditional love, will heal all wounds not seen to the naked eye.

Move forward in faith and reach for the stars.

Be blessed.

June xxxxx

FOOTNOTE: Both June Potter, June Almendro are available to be your friend, stand by you and give MATURE Counsel. You do not have to live in the MISERY any longer.

Kind Regards

Stan Almendro




June Potter

Within the raging storm clouds above, and all around, lies the truth as to why man is unable to free himself.

Man brought into existence by hands of total perfection, no longer understands the depth of eternal ever abiding love, for sin and all that it entails is surely that which has overtaken him due to the never ending lust of greed and power in all that it contains.

Storms descend as that of total darkness when man, who has gone astray, finds himself in bondage to the call of the flesh in whatever form it may take.

Deep within, when all was still that of innocent childhood and hope for all that was of a fantasy world, so man bit by bit put aside his dreams and gave in to the call of lustful burning desires so as to complete his fleshy spirit, or so he believed.

Brokenness of his spirit and the inability to blend now with those in tune to Him who shed His pure Holy Blood, so man detached himself from what is considered the pathway of purity and found the lane that turned the corner into moments of depression, darkness of mind and the spirit of uncleanliness, far more in line with his soul of soon to be maybe eternal hell and flaming fires never ending their call to all lost on the road of no mans land.

Building with internal intensity so man begins a pathway that most can never rescue him from for to each is giving a heart which has the ability to choose whether they desire that of life and life, more abundantly, or that of death in every area. Love…divine love of complete purity, knows that to enforce dictatorship is not that of freedom given to each and every human being and therefore steps back so as to allow man the choice that must in time be taken.

Swirling back and forth due to the continual invasion of the mind by forces of darkness so man needs to be able to reach deep within and draw from the wells in his spirit; those over flowing wells that in times past were hopefully filled with the everlasting truth of the written Word.

To lay down the flesh and all its hidden desires is something man is unable to do if not brought forth into that of a new creature in Christ Jesus by the repentance of sins and the cleansing power of Him who washes all clean in His ever flowing Blood. Such raging storms, yet unnoticed by those walking on by for the outer persona comes into play when falsehood still resides deep within a heart of stone in various areas.

Surrender is that of laying down self and all that self wills and intends receiving in whatever way it so chooses. To hold surrender up as a gift given due to desiring the best for all of mankind is hardly seen by those whose ego refuses to bow to another; any other, for then one has no control over one’s own destiny.

Self is merely that of one who enjoys playing the character role of god and to surrender is to stand bare and naked before the One and only true God who brought all into existence because of unconditional love and amazing grace. And so the raging storms continue there deep within the heart of rebellion knowing that time is running out in which to be able to cast off the old garments of filth and put on the fine linen of white but still man grasps at straws feeling the need to resist what his spirit knows is truth.

Lies and deception spewing forth from the gates of eternal flames and fire give false hope that just maybe man can save himself from eternal destruction if only he had more time! Away with the coat of delusion; throw off the mindset of being your own god and heed the call of divine beauty in that, even though man is a lost forlorn sinner, his way forward is that of hope in the price paid for eternity amongst all those gone before due to forgiveness of sin.

Storms are also that many times of the heart crying forth to the spirit to break free and so experience a new day; a new way and an eternity forever residing with the Lord of Lords and the King of all Kings…Jesus Christ, the Father’s own beloved Son, the One torn, beaten, nailed to the Cross in agony and feeling but for a moment in time rejected, yet who died; was buried, raised again on the third day and is now seated at the right hand side of the Father.

Now, when born anew; the storms of victory engulf your very being so as to behold His blessings in all that is yours, simply by knowing Him in His glory and wonderful, amazing grace. Jesus, the Name above all names; the One who loves you more than any other.

The One who stands at the door of your heart, knocking, so as to be asked in. Give everything to Him…not tomorrow dear friends, but today!

Be Blessed

Fond Regards

June xxx




June Potter

Many people desire to be seen as a great and strong warrior of Jesus Christ; able to overcome all that threatens their walk with Him. However let us look at one p

It is stated within the Word, that this fruit; that of meekness, is be sought. Zec. 2 v 3 mentions one is to seek meekness. Why? Maybe because it is of such value when sharing and teaching others concerning the Lord and His ways! 2 Tim. 2 v 25 says “In meekness instructing those that oppose themselves; if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth.”

If one comes across as highly superior and impatient when trying to persuade another of the truth of the Word of God, please know and understand that you will not be heard! Even unsaved people are aware within themselves when someone is full of pride and arrogance!

The above verse says they are opposing themselves. This reveals that they may subsciously know and understand what exactly you are sharing, but due to a heart that has become hardened and full of rebellion towards the Lord and His Word, they inwardly fight and oppose what they should do; which is to receive the truth of needing to repent and so become one with Him.

A heart that reveals it is one of meekness in the face of defiance will be able to handle the inner war going on in the one they are sharing with, thus having more success than if acting as superior and arrogant.

Why else should we be those who walk in the spirit of meekness? Because it is essential in hearing and receiving the Word. If we do not lay down those things that defile our spirit, we may just start to argue with what is written because we want our own fleshly way!

James 1 v 21 tells us that the way (the Word) has the ability to save our souls. Meekness is precious in the sight of the Lord. In 1 Peter 3 v 4 it says “But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price.”

To be meek is not something we can pretend (NOR IS IT WEAKNESS) to be as our flesh most times surely lets us down! It is one of the fruits of the Spirit and is a gift given. To be a meek person is not something to be ashamed of for it actually reveals that of immense inner strength.

Many are those who have achieved great things in their life time and walk with the Lord, yet they are devoid of pride and boasting and always have that of a meek and humble heart, giving all glory and honour to the Lord. Jesus, Himself, was meek and gentle.

When reviled; when experiencing suffering He threatened not but committed Himself to Him that judgeth righteously. 1 Peter 2 v 23. Are we able to follow after Jesus in this respect? Are we able to show forth this beautiful ornament when our own existing character so often reveals itself as that of anger, frustration, impatience, nastiness etc?

Yes I do believe we can if we would but surrender every part of ourselves unto the Author and Finisher of our faith, realising we are new creatures in Christ Jesus, old things have passed away and all has become new. In Matt 11 v 29 it says we will find rest for our souls if we take His yoke upon us and learn from Him, as He is meek and lowly in heart.

What better example than that of the Lord Jesus Christ Himself! Dear friends, give all of yourself to Him, hold nothing back and let Him mould and make you anew. It is only in and through Him that we have our being.

All else is fading away but we are those who are of a Royal Priesthood; continually changed bit by bit into His Image thus bringing glory unto His Name.


Fond Regards,

June Potter

SEE HIM (Jesus) in the midst of your storm

SEE HIM (Jesus) in the midst of your storm


We will not give up or give in to that which brings destruction for in Him do we trust. Take back that which has been stolen from you. Reclaim your peace, your trust, your joy, your victory!

Stand, and having done all, stand for greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. "Jesus, the lover of our souls. On bended knees we come, with a humble heart we come, bowing down before your Holy Throne. Lifting holy hands to you, we pledge our love anew."

It is those storms which in the EYE of that STORM has great lessons to teach us and bring us to NEW HEIGHTS of FAITH





June Potter

Dear friends, I am sure we are of the knowledge that we are living in dark days; times of distress and uncertainty. So many have struggled with intense moments of depression and anxiety, knowing not what to believe.

As His Blood washed children we definitely must be rooted and grounded in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and His written Word. When listening and reading what the media has to say, it becomes difficult to concentrate on the words of the Lord as we often are continually at logger heads with what we know deep within is that of complete Truth- His Word; and that of what the world has to say. In 2 Cor. 2 v 11 it says “Lest satan should get an advantage of us; for we are not ignorant of his devises.”

The evil one and those who follow after him have only one desire and that is to bring confusion and doubt into our minds. We, as His beloved, know that we are in this world but no longer a part of it as we are now citizens of heaven. We no longer walk and follow after darkness for we are children of the Light, following after Jesus our Lord!

Our life is hid in him and we are to bring forth therefore fruits meet for repentance. Matt. 3 v 8. When taking in all that is been fed to us by the main stream media, our hearts have the ability to fail us as most of it unfortunately, is nothing more then that of instilling fear into one, thus causing us to believe numerous lies.

Yes, we will experience times of trials and temptations. We may even watch in horror as people turn away and join forces with those who serve that of falsehood and deception as in 2 Thes. 2 v 9 it tells us “Even him, whose coming is after the workings of satan with all power and signs and lying wonders.” People most times have an inward longing and desire for someone to take the reigns and lead them forward, thus becoming a follower of man and not that of a leader.

It is far easier to follow in the footsteps of another as then the decision making is not placed on one’s own shoulders! However, as His child, we have to take responsibility for ruling our own spirit and this only comes about as we lay down self and in faith put on the new man in Christ Jesus, no longer following after the flesh which only leads to that of spiritual death in the long run. Now it is surely better to follow after the Spirit which is life and life more abundantly!

So how do we overcome and stay in harmony with the Word of God and not let that of fear and deception, brought in by those whose ambition is but to control mankind in general, get to us? Firstly we need to do what Eph. 6 v 11 says “Put on the whole armour of God; that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.”

The enemy of the Cross always attacks the mind first as when we are fearful and unsure of who and what we are in Christ Jesus; we have opened a door leading to that of falseness and thoughts of defeat.

Just as he tried to tempt Jesus by saying “If thou be the Son of God, cast thyself down, for it is written, He shall give His angels charge concerning thee, and in their hands they shall bear thee up, lest at any time thou dash thy foot against a stone.” Matt. 4 v 6.

Be SAFE protected by God

Fond Regards





June Potter

Weights that are simply too heavy to carry! Oh how they break you down and bring with them the need to not only let them go but also a longing deep within to just disappear from all that has raised its ugly head!

Have you too perhaps felt that you are all alone and although you continue your daily walk and try your best to be there for others, you are emotionally depleted and mentally exhausted? The ones you love and have always had a connection with have turned into that of a monster with words coming forth from mouths set on fire by hell itself!

How on earth, you wonder, are these issues ever going to be resolved as until responsibility is taken, nothing can be done which in turn, when acknowledged, can bring about a change in everything. It is in times like these that we, as His children, have to turn in complete faith and trust in the Lord, and ask for mercy and grace.

Mercy for the mind gone astray, which if left, may bring about an untimely death which of course the evil one desires as the person is not saved and has a real problem with so called religion! Grace follows on the heels of mercy as with out His amazing grace spreading through our own hearts in dealing with the problems that have arisen; we surely have the ability to do damage ourselves in the form of saying things we will later regret!

Can one be tried to such an extent that you feel empty and know not what to do, how to act, what to say etc? Yes, you can, but then the time has arrived that you need to call out to the Lord and ask for help. Do not try and hide your inner feelings on the matter at hand as He is all knowing and sees exactly what is hidden deep within your heart.

Speak forth the truth; your own personal inner truth of the given moment thus bringing about a freedom of sorts as you need to express your grief and pain at what is happening to those you love. Anger is not evil friends.

It is what you do with it that counts and makes the difference. Anger so often is nothing more than internal grief plus it reveals to you that what is happening to your loved ones due to problems with one family member, and yourself trying to stand by them and help; it is actually saying to you that your spirit acknowledges something is wrong.

Let it come out in your conversation with the Lord; let it be heard by yourself so that if need be you can cry and find relief from pent up emotions. To be able to stay focused on the Lord during this time, one has to talk directly to Him, whether alone in your car driving, in your bedroom, walking into a shop etc.

This constant awareness of His presence will ground you in your faith and so enable you to believe that He not only hears all things but also has a heart of compassion, forgiveness and tender love. Pray for the situation at hand, let Him use you if need be and do not give up even though these horrible things have arrived unexpectedly and your spirit feels wounded and your mind is racing with “what if…!”

Believe in His power to overcome all that has happened and because of His love, He will not let death descend as that of eternal hell on the unsaved person who is in a battle for his very life, even if he knows it not. How we need the comfort of the Holy Spirit when hurting and unsure! How we need to be touched by His hands of all consuming love!

How we also need to continue our own walk when dealing with others who have gone off track! Jesus is your best friend. He is the One who knows suffering more than any other thus He will wrap you in His arms of strength and tell you not to give up but to lay your burdens down at His feet and believe He will make a way where there seems to be no way! Refresh yourself, it’s of such importance.

Do little things that bring inner contentment and joy. Be gentle with your emotions which jump from place to place for you are but human. And most of all, rest in Him. There is no other heart that understands your sorrow as His does and in His time He will once again make all things beautiful.


Fond Regards


HONOUR and PRAISE and GLORY TO HIM and HIS NAME - It Belongs to Him



June Potter

In His time He makes all things beautiful! “But Lord, when is your time coming to pass? I have waited and waited and am not sure anymore if you have even heard me. Why are you taking so long in answering my prayers, have I made you angry in some way?” Does this sound familiar? Have you ever got to the point where you have started to believe the lies of the enemy now filling your mind?

Are you ready to walk away from the promise He gave you because you have become impatient and feel you made a mistake? Well don’t! If He gave you a promise or a word from another which confirmed what already was in your heart, then praise and thank Him in faith for it coming to pass. Satan is your biggest enemy as he will do anything to contort the words given to you by the Lord.

He always tries to take hold of your mind first as if he can do this; he will have you not only doubting the promise given but also the goodness and truthfulness of the Lord. Thus the reason you are told to put on the helmet of salvation for this protects your mind due to you having studied the Word and now understanding and knowing the Bible is the full Truth.

What the Lord has promised He will do for He is not a man that He should lie! We are all but mere human beings who become restless and out of sorts when things do not happen as quickly as we think they should or we feel we are really not worthy of what the Lord has promised thus turning away from His infinite love and compassion for us.

Maybe on the other hand you are one who has a huge amount of patience which is something to praise the Lord for as to pray for patience we can expect trials and tribulations to come our way thus causing us to be forced in a way to grow in patience. What must we do whilst waiting for this time to come to pass where He makes all things beautiful?

We are to respect His way as the ultimate Truth and not decide for ourselves that we would make the time shorter if we were Him and in control as after all, He knows when the beauty of what He has prepared for you, is going to be that of bringing glory to His Name!

Then we need to praise and thank Him in faith for the desired result as faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. See with your spiritual eye, there far beyond what you can behold in the natural, and rejoice in the goodness of your Lord.

Share your faith with others of like mind as they will no doubt thank the Lord together with you. Leave those who have no understanding of His way of doing things as their unbelief can bring you down. Hide His Word deep within your heart in the mean time so that when needed, the Holy Spirit can bring it back to remembrance so as to uplift you. If it is a promise of moving or that of helping someone in need etc, then begin to put away items you know you will need in the future. This is your faith in action.

Be faithful to your Lord as He Himself is ever faithful even when we are not! Be one who sings praises to the God of your salvation knowing without a doubt, He makes all things beautiful in His time.

Fondest regards,

June Potter

Experience His Presence (Never to be the Same Again)



June Potter

Isaiah 41 v 10 tells us “Fear thou not; for I am with thee; be not dismayed; for I am thy God; I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.”

If we had to sit down and really read this with our hearts fully open and our eyes honestly seeking the truth of Scripture, then we would come to the realisation that this verse is full of in depth understanding from our precious Lord.

He knows we are but mere human beings on a journey full of emotions; some that have the ability to pull us down into the pit of depression or that of engulfing our mind with tormenting fear which of course is not from Him but from the evil one who takes advantage of any given situation happening.

He said that He is with us! Can you really grasp this amazing statement? The Great I AM; the Lord God Almighty is with us! Why is that, we may say, how can this be true, let alone possible?

Friends, it is possible because we, who are born again and washed in His pure Holy Blood, are now the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus and although still walking this earth as fleshly human beings, we are now a new creature in Him, thus able to experience His presence.

What a wonderful gift given to us; something we cannot fully understand but our spirit which is now after Him, knows and accepts this glorious truth. So when times are difficult His divine presence is that of a comfort to us.

He tells us in Gen. 28 v 15 that He is with us and will keep us wherever we go. Sometimes we are in situations that can cause anxiety due to not having walked this way before. We become unsure and may even want to remove ourselves as it can be very hard leaving our comfort zone!

But with faith in His ability to see us through, we are able to continue. In Ex. 33 v 14 it says His presence shall go with us thus affording us rest. Yes, it is that of physical rest as we all need to take time to refresh ourselves. Overloading the body continually, will bring about one or another form of a breakdown eventually but let us look at rest in another way.

If we are aware and of course believe His presence is with us, then we can trust in His ability to bring to pass that which we may have prayed about or what He has called us to do. We believe and so do thus leaving the rest up to Him. He will, for instance, draw that family member to Him.

He will move the mountain standing in front of you. Thus the reason we are to rest, knowing He is the one who brings about all things in His perfect timing. In the midst of life’s battles, He will give you courage thus bringing to naught the fear that threatens to overtake you. Deut. 20 v 1.

We have all experienced hard battles in life I am sure! Often you may feel you want to give up as no matter how many times you pray, nothing happens! The saying “what does not kill you, makes you stronger” does not sit too well with me as devastating things happen to people and so many do not fully recover mentally, emotionally, spiritually even physically.

When in a battle that you know is impossible for you as a human being to overcome, then it is time to throw yourself into His open arms and cry out that you trust in Him! His courage will become your portion as He is with you each step of the way. What do we do; how do we react when great trials come our way? Isaiah 43 v 2 tells us about these storms and fires etc. Please note His Word says He will comfort us with His presence in the trials.

He did not say He will automatically remove us from the trials but rather that we will overcome them due to Him being right there with us! Have you not noticed that when the raging fires are all around, whether in your own life or that of another, it is then that the inner contents of the heart come to the fore? When you walk through the waters they will not overwhelm you. Why and how is this possible?

Because His comforting presence is right there. You are not alone, deliverance is at hand and your faith in His unconditional love to see you through has grown even more. Have you and a friend got together and shared about the Lord and then felt to pray?

That is wonderful and even though it is just the two of you, His presence shall be felt. Matt. 28 v 20 promises that where two or three are gathered He is in the midst of them. Do not ever despise a small gathering as He looks on the heart and reveals Himself to those who seek after Him with everything in them.

Matt.28 v 20 tells you to observe all things written in His Word. By doing this; by obeying and putting them into practice, He says He will be with you until the end of the earth. Become aware dear friends of His presence. Draw closer to Him, get to know His way of doing things from what is written and so grow in all areas thus able to bring forth His Light to a world in darkness.

Be Blessed

June Potter

To Be Angry



June Potter

Are you perhaps a person who conceals what you believe are negative feelings? As a child of the Lord you may have been told that to experience anger, sadness and fear is not right and that you must just continually praise the Lord regardless of what you are feeling.

Maybe growing up you were afraid to show what was going on deep within for fear of been told your feelings are not really real. Often when you hide these particular feelings you find that as you grow you are unable to cope with good and bad because you have never processed these negative feelings which in turn can cause you to suffer with depression, anxiety even fear of relationships.

Please understand these feelings are valid and must be dealt with so as not to cause you problems. Anger, our most basic negative emotion, tells us that something is wrong. We tend to protect the good we do not want to lose. Anger is a signal that we are in danger of losing something that matter to us. When people are taught to suppress their anger, they are taught to be out of touch with what matters to them.

Ephesians 4 v 26, citing Psalm 4 v 4 says “In your anger do not sin; Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry. And do not give the devil a foothold.” It is good to feel angry because anger warns us of danger and shows us what needs protecting. But we are not to sin in our attempt to solve the problem. This would mean to resolve it in some unloving way would ultimately hurt us as well as the other.

Major consequences for denying our angry feelings range all the way from psycho physiological disorders, such as headaches and ulcers, to character disorders such as passive aggression, to the inability to work, to serious depression and panic. Whatever way we look at it, denying anger keeps one from getting problems solved.

Another problem with denying anger is that it turns into bitterness and leads to a critical and unforgiving spirit. “See to it that no one misses the grace of God and that no bitter root grows up to cause trouble and defile many.” Hebrews 12 v 15. Bitterness leaves the door open for satan to come in and take control. Instead of denying anger, we must own it and find its source.

As we examine our anger, we can find out what we are trying to protect. Anger may be protecting an injured vulnerability or a will that was controlled. One may be under condemnation from someone and need to get out from perfectionism.

Whatever the source, anger tells you there is a problem and it should never be denied. We may discover that our anger is protecting something bad such as pride, omnipotence, control or perfectionism. Maybe we feel angry because we are losing control of another person.

In either case if we deny our anger we can’t get to the source. Anger then is helpful because it is a sign something is being protected, either good or bad. When we see anger in a different light to what has been told to us then we can ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to us why we are continually feeling this way.

Many times we have hidden things away as to face them brings back the hurt and trauma we may have experienced at some point in our lives. Often we feel we are not able to move on in life and yet we have such a desire for more of the Lord…for more understanding. Our feelings matter to Him; our dreams are important.

We are not to be led astray by our feelings but they are given by the Lord and show not only ourselves who we really are as a person but others as well. Do not be afraid of anger but never leave it within so that it turns into full blown rage.

Be open and honest with Him about finding the true source and you will experience freedom and healing which gives you the ability to help others. Jesus is Lord and you are loved.

Copyright June Potter.




June Potter

Hello dear friends, I would like to share something with you that the Lord in His graciousness gave me when a friend came to me concerning a dream she had.

For a long time now, the Holy Spirit has enabled me to interpret many dreams of those who desire to know more of what the Lord shares with them when their minds are still whilst asleep.

No, there is nothing wrong or “bad” about this as if you go through His Word you will find for yourself how many, many times the Lord warned; gave insight etc to people through the guidance of dreams.

In fact a few years back I did write an article concerning this and it was from Scripture itself. The way to understand what the Lord is saying in a dream is to first write down what has been dreamt and then, with the guidance and help of the Holy Spirit, go to His Word and find out exactly what He is informing you of.

The Bible is full of symbolic meanings plus direct speech straight from the Lord. Often we, as His children, are so busy in the day, that even though we may spend time with Him in prayer, our thoughts and minds are elsewhere. It is when we are asleep and our minds become still that He shares various things with us.

Please be encouraged by how amazing, long suffering and wise is the Lord when giving instruction, wisdom and knowledge to those who desire to know more of Him in His majestic power! What I am sharing could be and actually is a word for all of us to take note of.

Many are deceived, many of His children, for they believe that is does not matter what they sow as long as they are sincere! This is definitely not good advice for any farmer! Self life will never produce the fruit of the Spirit. “Sowing” and “reaping” are agricultural terms and a Christian worker is not likened to a salesman or a mechanic, but to a farmer.

Christian work is not buying and selling, but sowing and reaping. When dealing with people; hurting, lost souls we are not acting as mechanics trying to fix over run- down lives but we are to plant the ever living Word of the Lord which is the ultimate and only Truth.

All of us need to make sure that what we are planting is that of the Spirit; His Word, so that when times of great trials and sorrows arrive, the Holy Spirit is able to draw forth that which is deep within our hearts and so bring it back to remembrance thus encouraging us and enabling us to go forward in faith without fear.

By planting the correct seeds due to studying and learning from His Word so we build a solid foundation that even when others try and add false doctrine or their own thoughts onto it, we shall be safe for we know in whom we believe and trust.

If we sow to the Spirit, we shall reap a spiritual harvest, however if we sow to the flesh (the lower appetites), we shall reap moral weakness. Thus the Scripture verse “A man reaps what he sows” Gal. 6 v 7. Every man shall receive his own reward according to his labour, therefore make sure you have the correct attitude and motive in all you do.

Because of all that Jesus did we are now under grace and in a love relationship, therefore judge correctly what is that of Light; that which comes from Him, and that which is darkness; coming forth from the evil one.

The harvest will not be according to how much we know, but rather how much we sow! We may have a large supply of seed in the barn of our mind(our inner thoughts) but unless it is planted in suitable soil and takes root, it will bear no harvest. Therefore sow those seeds of thoughts in word and in deeds done.

His Word always brings forth seed after its own kind. Sow the seeds of your life in the soil of the Spirit, not the soil of the flesh. When in the Spirit it will honour the Lord, but when in the flesh the seed will rot and bring forth corruption.

The Spirit brings forth only good fruit, the flesh unfortunately only that of evil. In Him, we are “a new creation” Gal. 6 v 15. We have a new life now because we have been planted by the Lord so as to bring glory to Him.

Just as Jesus was one with the Father so we are now one with Him and co-operate by being humble before Him and in all we do thus showing honour to Him in all things. Remember, the one thing that distinguishes our Christian faith from all others is the grace of the Lord.

Grace is unmerited favour of God to us when we were and are undeserving! Law on the other hand shows us our need but grace shows His provision to meet that need.

The Spirit gives us daily victory over sin but the flesh makes us prone to sin. Let us put on the attitude of stability which causes us to be able to walk in the Spirit and not that of the flesh thus able to bring about change in others when they behold our way of sowing.

Is it not of greater value to reap a spiritual harvest of immense value in this lifetime we are in, rather than that of destruction, grief and inner turmoil? Be a farmer dear friends and reap the most beautiful crops thus bringing Light into this dark world.

Copyright June Potter.





June Potter

The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want. This statement is surely one of immense power and truth to those who know Him as Lord and Saviour. If not acquainted with Him on a deep personal level, it is not possible to be able to quote or resonate with this verse as it is one thing to know of the Lord but an entirely different thing to be able to say that He is not only your Lord and King but also that of one who provides, protects, heals, delivers and makes a way where there is no way! Verse 3 tells us that He restores our soul.

We were walking a pathway of sin and fleshly desires unable to save ourselves from the lust of the eye and the greed of the heart. No amount of good works brought inner satisfaction but rather revealed to us that we knew something was missing.

Life most times took on more than we were truly able to handle and so often we, and or those we knew, looked for relief in occultic practices, drugs and alcohol, even searching for so called truth in many and various religions. Broken and desperate, we called out for help, yes, maybe to what appeared to be an empty sky above, but because of His all consuming grace, mercy and love, He brought people into our lives and we knew they were somehow different and filled with a hope and peace that we could not find, despite our continual search.

He became real as we laid down our own way, repented and were forgiven of our sins and so our soul, our very being became alive and restoration took place. Such grace given; such peace unknown to those who follow after the world and its unclean pleasures! “O Lord” cries our heart, “I am so weary, so drained, is there no refreshment, no time in which to be still?” Verse 2 tells us that He maketh me to lie down in green pastures; He leadeth me besides the still waters.

Is this not the most glorious account of a loving, kind and caring heavenly Father? Before the foundation of the world, He knew you were going to experience this intense weariness of body, mind and spirit. Nothing misses His eye; no conversation goes unheard. Every thought and every struggle is known by Him for He is, after all, your Lord, your best friend and the all knowing God! Your walk has been seen and now He knows and sees that you feel you cannot continue but wait! He now supplies that of spiritual rest and spiritual food.

All the years of studying, learning more and more about Him and His ways from what is written in the Word, by what you personally have experienced from surrendering to Him in faith and by learning from those whom He put you under, come racing back into your mind as led by the Holy Spirit, and a refreshing of Truth enters deep within thus giving you His peace that flows like a river in your soul.

The Lord Jesus Himself took time out so as to be alone and communicate with His Father. Everyone needs to be still within so as to hear what the Lord has to say plus to be able to just relax in the presence of His love.

As our minds are still and our spirit open to His voice, so He will reveal the next step forward for He is the one who guides us. “But now I am old and death follows me around!”

O dear! This is something that unfortunately does happen to those who are of a very mature age! Life has changed and ever so suddenly one finds that they are no longer that of the younger generation, the middle age group but rather classified as that of old! Time arrived with a label and no matter how one tries to remove it, it surely fits like a glove!

Moments of sadness and that of deep inner thoughts so often float to the surface and the aged have to face the reality of life that they now find themselves in. Verse 4 “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.” Let me encourage you right now!

To every thing there is a season…a time to be born and a time to die. Often it does not “feel” right that we must say our goodbyes to those we love and want to continue walking with. We have, many times if truth be told, an inward longing to “live forever”. After all, there is still so much we want to do, desire to explore etc, regardless of age!

One has to come to terms with what He has laid out for all of human kind. If unwell, in pain and longing for relief, then death, if we know Him, is a wonderful gift for we know we shall meet our loved ones when it has being ordained by Him.

However regardless of all things, when the shadow of death seems to be that of a cloud following you around, please understand that He is your protector. He will never leave nor forsake you; He will still open new doors for you to share His Word and infinite love. He will make every crooked path straight as you lay down that which has been bothering you for so long and because of His capable hands He will deliver you from anything that comes to attack you.

Your strength may not be what it once was, but now you become even more aware of His strength flowing through you and as verse 5 says He will anoint your head with oil…the blessed power of the Holy Spirit shall still yet be that of your portion and a great spiritual feast shall cover you along with His grace and mercy ushering in spiritual fullness! The Lord is our Shepherd dear friends, we shall not want as there is surely no other who loves us with such an unconditional love!

Be Blessed as YOU enjoy HIS SHEPHERDING !!!

June Potter

IS THERE ANYTHING TOO HARD FOR HIM ???????????? Bu June Potter



June Potter

Is there anything too hard for the Lord? Do not the heavens declare the glory and power of the One who created all things? We walk not by sight but by every word that He has declared in His Word to be the ultimate truth. Everywhere there is chaos and in the minds of most people nothing really makes sense and because of this, fear has taken hold, bringing with it the power to change some from being forceful and direct in their way of doing things to that of a small child unable to find it’s footing in this new world of having the ability to walk, run and experience life in the fullness of it’s creation.

We serve a living God; one who has the power to change everything in the twinkling of an eye but One who knows what is best so as to bring into existence His perfect will.

Nothing compares to Him; no person has this divine authority and majestic power to change that which seems impossible. Surely, to believe that we, as mere man, can move mountains; change history, bring forth the dead from their graves etc is nothing more than a blatant lie which originated from the enemy of the Cross and ever so carefully planted this in the minds of those so open to his continual deception.

Study to show yourself approved unto the Lord; read His Word with the help of the Holy Spirit and so the darkness hidden within your soul may experience the ongoing, ever present light of Him who lives forever more. As the inner veil is lifted thus revealing the truth of who He is in His might and everlasting love for all of mankind, so you will find that to know Him is far more precious than all the money in the world.

Forever His Word will prevail against the lies and fear of those who bow in submission to the fleshly dictators of this harsh and evil world that right now is bringing all to their knees. So who is this One; the three in One, who rules and reigns supreme?

Why does He not take revenge against the wiles of fleshly man?

Why does He appear to stand in the shadows thus leaving man to destroy himself in so many ways?

Man is the love of His all forgiving heart; man was created in His Image and man walked in the garden of Eden together with His creator; completely in harmony with Him. Now man has removed himself from this ever protective covering by choosing sin and his own ways thus hoping to create the impression that he no longer needs the guidance and fellowship of Him whose heart openly grieves at the loss of His companion…that beautiful companion that waited eagerly for his time with the One who knows all things.

Come away my love; come away from all that has wrapped itself around your scattered spirit and spend time with me once more! The cry of the Father goes out to one and all yet due to the darkness that has covered the conscience of man in general; it simply leaves its echo in the night sky above.

From the depths of the sea to the highest part of the heavens above the burning desire of man is now that of becoming his own god, thus able to dictate the future of all under his control. With the spirit of greed and gratification spreading it’s thoughts of grandeur into man’s mind; this so called new world will supersede that of the Garden of Eden when man knew in whom He believed.

Love given so freely is not to be taken lightly for was it not that love that gave it’s all on the Cross so that man may come back to the Father…that Father that walked and talked with him? Shout out to those who ears have now become deaf; warn those who believe that man has the choice to decide another’s destiny…whether they live or die! Move that deceptive spirit by His faith pouring forth from your mouth and so bring an early end to that which is now threatening mankind in general.

This deadly deception filling the hearts and minds of man is exactly what those hidden away want man to believe. Fear eats away at man’s soul; breaks open the doors for more of his lies and soon there will be no way forward but to bow in submission to the darker forces now at work. Rise beloved children of His; rise and take back that which has been stolen from you.

Rise with the sword of His Spirit in your hand and declare that Jesus Christ is still on the throne and all things belong to Him. Be in tune to the call of His wisdom and knowledge thus lifting up your prayers for freedom. Freedom from man made wars so as to plant oneself on the throne of the king…our One and only King…Jesus Christ who defeated satan and all his demons by the shedding of His pure Holy Blood.

The sun has gone to sleep for the watchers are no longer at their posts and in their place is utter darkness, surrounded by the icy cold hands of defeat. The time has come for His warriors to take their stand and declare that victory was and always will be in and through Him. See the Light and in faith become the light to one and all thus bringing back the call to repentance from mans evil ways.

We are overcomers; we are the Body of Christ; the Church and because He lives, so do we!

Be Blessed

Copyright June Potter.




June Potter

Behold the green grass swaying in tune to the gentle breeze rising and falling over the majestic canvas painting of nature in all its seasonal glory. Dancing in harmony to the soft music playing its evergreen tune of amazing grace so the birds flew with the inner freedom of those whose trust and dependence was a result of having no doubt in whom they believed.

The flowers of multiple colours clothed the fields with their magical array as that of the rainbow of promise; the theme song being that of forever is the Word settled in heaven above! Drifting with the purposeful assurance of an army in tune to the inner determination of victory already received and accepted, so every seed floating by sent a message to those whose eyes were opened internally, that in all things there is a season of multiplication.

Nothing dies unless given by instruction from Him who abides within the hearts of all who have relinquished their own way forward and surrendered to the eternal call of service and inner transformation of the mind once held captive to the spirits of destruction and eternal fire.

Beauty manifests itself as the picture perfect painting in the eyes of the beholder; for beauty is but the truth of a soul knowing that the outer flesh eventually sucumbs to the invisible yet powerful call of flying in the arms of an angel sent to bring her home; there where her beginning was brought into being through divine hands of the perfect sculpture form.

Place not the love so desperately desired on the outer persona of the body for in time all is subjected to that of fleshly decay but with the inner wisdom of maturity and knowledge gained from Him who brought all into existence, behold the true beauty of a life flowing forth from the many trials and temptations given so as to establish the heartfelt understanding that beauty adorns herself with the pain suffered; the victories won in fierce battles; the humility that shut down prideful scorn and strife and the grace now being extended to one and all.

Beauty from whence do you come if not from the Holy Father of all mankind? The One who walked and talked with man in the eternal garden of peace, tranquillity and companionship. Your presence was not seen until the decision was made to bring you forth from mere man yet the truth of your eternal spirit was ever present, clothed in the flowing grace of nature not as yet contaminated by the deception of evil lurking in the shadows of darkness.

Brought forth as one with man so you became two thus knowing and understanding the magnitude of being intertwined, never to be separated. Known to one another on the deepest of levels so beauty lived but for a short while uninterrupted by the forces of wickedness desiring to break the bond of heavenly union.

Searching for relief from the brokenness of the earth, so nature groans under the dark pressure of sin trampled daily on her surface! Beauty, the time draws near and will reveal to you once more that when joined as one by hands of the ever true majestic Godhead, so all broken bonds will once more find their way home…that of complete security, one in the other. Rise up oh mournful soul, fly deep within the recesses of your mind and so become one who observes the time of sowing and reaping.

Take note of the eternal clock that is forever moving forward so as to usher in the beginning of the end thus revealing the final and only Truth written in that which endures forever…His Word! Declare that in the spirit of man changed from works of darkness to that of His light burning brightly into the hearts of mankind, lives the all powerful Spirit of Him who formed the heavens; gave birth to the beauty of earth; brought about the singing of the birds in perfect harmony; sent rain as crystal clear drops of refreshment to every creature both great and small and made man in His Image.

Shout out with the voice of triumph that because of His all knowing heart, we are able to reach down on bended knees and behold all things unseen as though already in existence, for His faith of purity resides within us, His beloved.

Casting all our cares upon him, so we bring forth His Word of promise, nothing spoken will return void! Deliverance has broken open the cage door and set the captive free who is now able to behold the glory of heaven come down in our one and only true Saviour, Jesus Christ. Beauty, oh beauty; so fragile yet so powerful, for in seeing the way forward with an enlightened heart, we behold your pathway laden with blood that was of the purist form and thorns that were needle sharp! Bruised and battered with nail pierced hands, so your internal and external pain became ours, if but for one moment in time.

The pain and sorrow removes us from self indulgence and self service to that of serving at the feet of your gracious, all consuming love. Broken and rejected, you bestowed upon us beauty for ashes. The ashes of forever remaining, if not rescued from sin, in the flames of eternal fire!

Behold the gift of heaven, O earth and nature; give honour O souls in tune to His works of majestic art form, for without the pouring forth of His eternal love and grace, no eye shall behold His return. Jesus, precious Lord Jesus, the lover; healer and deliverer of our soul and all of mankind!

Be Blessed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

June Potter

To Grieve - A God given Gift



June Potter

Grief comes in many forms but unfortunately some are not recognizable to those who have not as yet experienced her deep emotions. To grieve is something that is unique to each individual and we can not put a label on it thus indicating when its expiry date is to be.

The depth of pain one has endured has a great deal to do with the length of their inner mourning and although some may become impatient with the person, it is best to be still and rather uplift the lost hurting soul in prayer.

So often a grieving soul may feel they have to play a particular part as they are aware that others are becoming tired of their tears; their desire to share and the regular locking away of themselves in a bedroom so as to mourn alone, without being asked if they are coping or need anything.

As days turn to months and the alone soul finds no rest from the inner pain, so depression may set in, which in turn fuels the urge to leave this world and be with the one that has gone. As thoughts of death begin to rule the mind so one needs to be alert to warning signs. The desire for company has ended and in its place is the longing to be completely alone. Food is no longer desired as eating seems to serve no purpose and does not remove the hurt deep within.

Slowly the body becomes starved just as the spirit is struggling from lack of fellowship, love and prayer. The soul longs now for the dark as the light in all forms has become too bright. Grief lays hold of every aspect of one. The body, mind and spirit are in utter anguish but they have no way of closing down unless an intervention is done, either by one who sees the need and prays for the alone, lonely and hurting soul or a Divine touch from our loving, all compassionate Heavenly Father.

Grieving is automatically expected to happen to those who have lost a loved one from an accident, an illness, age related diseases etc. People rally around and help as best they can and the more support one receives, the easier it becomes to let go and slowly begin a so called new life without their beloved.

Memories live on in the heart and it is true that the departed one is carried around within the hearts of those left behind. Many a day tears fall and sometimes without warning as the longing to just be able to see and touch the departed loved one is simply too hard to bear. As time moves on and the grace and mercy of the Lord heals the deep inner wound, so one is able to think with a true smile on their face, of the wonderful fun times that were had by all.

The love and passion for the one gone will always stay deep within the heart but now the aching pain has begun to heal and in its place is a thankfulness for all the time that was spent together. As stated, grief casts its shadow onto souls unprepared for its relentless banging on the door of the heart. When one finally signs the divorce papers, instead of what was expected…joy and a sense of freedom…desperate inner pain is experienced and the emptiness of self leaves one in a state of shock! What is not fully understood is that the once spiritual binding of two souls having become one, has been broken and the inner spirit of man knows this.

The internal agony as the cord, so to speak, is severed, is beyond words. A grieving heart is so broken…a broken and grieving spirit comes close to the edge of the cliff, longing to throw itself off so as to stop the pain. This inner anguish wraps itself around the now needy soul and the strength of the rope threatens to quench all forms of life that was once so carefree and full of hope.

Longing for another…any other, to wrap their arms of understanding and love around their broken down hearts and ailing spirit, they send forth the silent cry into the night air. “Does anybody see me; hear me please, I beg of you. Listen with your inner ear of Divine truth and help me. Stand by me; understand my grief and pray with and for me!” But all is still and everyone walks on by; too busy with their own life. Tears wet the pillows each and every evening; no desire to go out and enjoy normal things. Waiting and hoping that things may change…but nothing does.

The sky above is no longer friendly to the tear filled eyes…it has become a harsh sun; a black ugly cloud filled with hail stones just waiting to smash down on your war torn body! The sunset has turned from one of beauty into a face of emptiness and moments of terror. Grief, she arrived when least expected and has slowly walked on by but time erases only that which is given in love and trust to Him who holds all in His hands of perfection.

As the sun shines once more on the soul so full of past pain and sadness, so a new awakening within the spirit begins to take place and the earth becomes that of beauty once more. The seeds of yesterday year now bloom as the flowers of today with hope and faith within, thus revealing the seasons of inner growth given by Him who knows all things.

Fond Regards,

June Potter

It TAKES someone VERY SPECIAL to be a Dad

It TAKES someone VERY SPECIAL to be a Dad




June Potter

Fathers are extremely important in the process of helping their infants and children to become a complete human being in the sense of having their personal spirits fully awakened. This in no way undermines or devalues the role of the mother who gives and is forever needed so as to show love, care and all kinds of nurturing to the child but fathers were created to fulfill a special role. They have a developmental task to call their children into life as functioning spirits. Ephesians 6 v 4 “And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath; but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.” When a baby is conceived, the child needs the father’s spirit near the mother; feeling the father’s presence while in the womb. The newborn baby needs to be held by the father, to be comforted in the night, to be burped, to be given dry diapers and to be sung lullabies. The role of the father is critical. A newborn baby is familiar with his mother’s womb but outside the womb the baby learns for the first time how to meet another person through the personal spirit. The baby is drawn forth and taught how to function not only by the mother’s nurture but also by the father’s nurture…by affectionate touch. This is a different kind of strength than that which comes through physical bonding with the mother. The baby’s personal spirit flows out into the father and drinks from the father’s spirit. The baby blesses the father and the father returns the blessing through loving presence and touch. The baby learns in the spirit how to meet a person other than its mother. The importance of this cannot be overemphasized. The prophet Malachi describes the great day of the coming of the Lord Almighty, when the people must respond to the laws of God or suffer the consequences. Malachi 4 v 5-6 “See I will send you the prophet Elijah before that great and dreadful day of the Lord comes. He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers; or else I will come and strike the land with a curse.” The Hebrew culture of the Old Testament was a tribal, patriarchal society in which the father was clearly identified as the head of the family. That role and its subsequent expectations were clearly understood. The father is expected to assume the leadership role. In the purpose of God, fathers are primary in teaching their children’s personal spirits how to function. The father’s responsibility also is to provide the child with admonishment and discipline. Fathers should define limits to their children in respect to how they relate to others in their personal spirits. Fathers should take seriously the task of being strong and firm when needed. Strong, thoughtful and loving leadership on the part of the father can create a family environment in which authority is respected, boundaries are understood, communication remains open and parents can work together to provide discipline the child needs to thrive in the spirit. If the father is not there to provide this important leadership and personal involvement, a part of the child’s spirit withers and falls asleep. This inevitably results in a stunting of emotional and spiritual growth. Consider historically and culturally what is happening in many nations. In Malachi 4 v 5-6 …….or else I will come and strike the land with a curse. As we look around carefully we can see this unfolding right now. Most nations are living out the consequences of not following the admonition of God for fathers to assume proper family leadership and for family members to turn to each other in the process of nurturing their personal spirits. Divorce rates are higher than ever; living together without being married has increased and the number of single parent families has sky rocketed. Traditional standards of morality have severely eroded. The question is why? Firstly communication on a deep personal level does not happen when one’s spirit is slumbering. Secondly, long term personal relationships cannot be sustained when one’s spirit is slumbering. Then there is the fact that a true conscience cannot actively work in one’s life to avoid trouble when the personal spirit is slumbering. Past experiences cannot wisely be remembered to prevent future mistakes when one’s spirit is slumbering. And a close personal relationship with the Lord that will heal woundedness cannot be developed with a slumbering spirit in action. Nations are reaping the consequences of a poverty of nurture that has crippled the personal spirits of growing children. Giving growing children toys of every kind; money to go out and do as they please when older, allowing them to roam free in a world now so dark and dangerous is surely not the way to nurture and cherish their spirits. Parents are desperately needed so as to spend time with their children…fathers are needed more than ever before for the essential structures of love and discipline. What kind of world will we have if the continuing trend of spiritual slumber goes unchanged? Scripture itself reveals this to us in 2 Timothy 3 v 2-5 “People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God- having a form of godliness but denying its power.” May we come to realize that children need strong, firm, caring and loving fathers. May we pray and ask the Lord for His mercy and grace to fall upon all those who have a desire deep within for children so that the next generation may come to know Jesus Christ in all His glory and power thus bringing in a way…the way of His plan and purpose for all who bow their knee in surrender to His call.

Granny - Our Dearest Friend


Dear friends…a testimony to the honour and glory of our Saviour Jesus Christ who knows all things and loves us enough to hear the cry of our hearts.

Many years ago I gave my heart and life to Him and there and then began a complete new and different way of life for me as a very young woman.

Having been brought up with parents and siblings who knew nothing about salvation and the sacrifice Jesus made on the Cross for us, hearing the Gospel shared and realizing I was a sinner; lost and on my way to a definite place called hell, was something unheard of but the graciousness of the Lord filled my heart with an urgent desire to come to Him which I did and with a joy filling my entire being I became born again and just knew, there deep within, that I was now His and if I should die, my home was in Heaven.

A few years went by and I had lived sharing Jesus with others and growing in His grace and knowledge but still my family was unsaved and this caused a deep concern within as my granny whom I loved so much was then showing signs of dementia and had become disconnected from the reality of every day life.

We had a good relationship but now there were times when she threw things at you if you entered her room in my parent’s home plus she became very agitated and was continually talking to the people living in the walls.

Yes one can smile if but for a second as really it does sound ridiculous, even funny, but to see someone you truly love change so much, not only brought a sadness to the heart but also a desperate feeling of being unable to do anything to help her in this world of darkness she was suddenly in.

For many years I had prayed for my whole family as the thought of them going to hell without Jesus was so upsetting.

One day the Lord spoke to me and told me that the very first time I gave them to Him in prayer, asking for their salvation, He heard me and now I was to thank Him in faith for their salvation, which I did after these words from Him. For nineteen years I quietly shared various things of the Lord and they came to know Him as He touched and cleared their minds and hearts from all things false.

Every two weeks my then husband and I went to visit my parents and granny in Pretoria and the evening before, He revealed to me that when we go there, I was to go into my granny’s room and share Jesus with her as it was time.

Slightly confused, I asked Him how, as she was living now in a different world and none of us could reach her? His gentle and amazing response was that He was going to clear her mind and I must share with her as I would a child. Was I excited…yes! Was I a bit nervous…yes, but as soon as we arrived at my parents I did as was told. Sitting on her bed, after hugging and kissing her hello, I chatted for a very short while about the weather etc then asked her if she knew where she was going when her time to leave this earth was done?

To my surprise and joy, she looked me straight in the eyes and with a clear, normal voice and a free mind answered me that she did not and looked around for her Bible that had been gone for so long.

I shared Jesus and the Word with her as I would with a young child and her response was that she wanted what I had…a walk with Him; a love for Him! She wanted to know Him as I did! I was so taken aback as I never ever realised that she knew I served Him; that He was my Lord and Saviour…never had she said one word.

As I explained the way of salvation to her so she bowed her head and asked forgiveness of her sins and invited Him into her heart. She had the reassurance deep within that she was now born again and her name was written in the Book of Life and we would one day meet again in Heaven when either of us had gone from this earth.

The joy that was in my spirit was unspeakable; the thankfulness and contentment I felt within was born from knowing He is ever faithful and so full of love and compassion.

He desires for all to know Him but sadly not all will turn from their wicked ways and become His. Man has a choice; a free will…we can but uplift others to Him in prayer.

After this wonderful time spent with my beloved granny we went home only to be informed the next day that she had fallen and broken her hip. After been released from hospital she went to live in an old age home as my then dear mother was no longer able to take care of her. Her mind was once again no longer her own but I knew in my heart that she was saved and belonged to the King of all Kings…Jesus Christ. Her spirit was intact and her Heavenly home was awaiting her arrival.

A few months went by and He called her home to be forever with Him. So gracious was and is He. So understanding and full of tender mercies; even now as I write this, my eyes fill with tears and a longing to see her again.

My granny whom I gave such a hard time to when I was but a little girl growing up. Full of childish mischief yet in later years she was the one I teased and joked with and loved to touch as her skin was so soft and her eyes as blue as the skies above. Never give up on the ability of the Lord to answer your prayers for a loved one.

Trust in Him; lean on Him and as you do so all things will become beautiful and His love will be known. Jesus is Lord and you are loved.

Spiritually Imprisoned

SPIRITUALLY IMPRISONED Have you, dear friend, often felt that somehow you are spiritually imprisoned? You just cannot enjoy the God given fullness of life. It is always as if something is missing but you do not know what it actually is? Many a time you may have felt awkward and uncertain because no matter how you try, you are simply unable to feel what others feel and experience.

Nothing really seems to touch your inward man and although you love the Lord and serve Him to the best of your ability, it is as if your own spirit itself is not fully alive! You feel void of in depth emotion and no real zest for life, let alone able to experience the joy of your salvation. Please note, this has nothing to do with demonic invasion but rather that of one’s own personal spirit been held captive, maybe due to the lack of parental affection when very young and needed the most and or that of childhood molestation which has been suppressed .

Then there are those who have subconsciously known that they were not really welcomed and accepted as a girl child due to both parents desiring a boy baby. This has the ability to cause one to see themselves as of no worth and continually have the desire to flee and hide from life. You know you have talents given from the Lord.

You are aware of His calling resting upon your life but yet you still feel caged and unable to fully be you…the real you! Precious soul, that feeling of being spiritually imprisoned is described in Psalm 88 v 8. “…I am shut up and cannot go out.” However, do not stress and become fearful as if there is no hope, as Jesus said in Luke 4 v 18. “The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me. Because He anointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor. He has sent Me to proclaim release to the captives. And recovery of sight to the blind, to set free those who are down trodden.” Thus this beautiful passage of Scripture shows us He came to give those who are held captive, release and those who are downtrodden, freedom! What a gracious and all loving Lord and Saviour is He! Many years ago the Lord asked me a question, actually four questions.

I was very young in age and in my walk with Him. This is how the conversation went. “June, tell me what you see when I say the word rejection.” Immediately I became aware of many hurtful pictures in front of me. “And when I say the word fear?” A great many scary scenes appeared. “The word sex, what do you see?” Pictures and pictures came flooding by.

Not of myself but rather that of what I saw from a very young age as a child. “The last word June…love; what do you see?” Nothing, everything was blank, no matter how hard I tried to see! Again the Lord asked me about love saying there must be one picture I am able to see? But no, nothing!

Was this I wondered, the reason why I so often struggled to experience a freedom at given times within my spirit? Bit by bit the Lord puts the hidden pieces together and years after this time spent with the Lord asking me these four questions, I was told something by my brother who was in his seventies.

Apparently I was an unexpected baby growing in my mother’s womb and on hearing she was pregnant, my father openly declared I was not his child, no matter how much my mother kept telling him I indeed was. At the time my brother was a young eight year old and he heard the argument and so believed all the many years that I was only a half sister to him and our sister Margaret.

When he eventually told us, in his seventies, this story, it came as a huge shock! After much thought I decided on a DNA test for all three of us and we found out I was definitely born from the same father. When a baby is conceived it should be that of a coming together of two people full of love one for the other. Instead, as a baby in the womb I experienced that of inner death due to an inner knowing that to my father I was not his and thus subconsciously rejected.

Suddenly I began to understand why I could in no way relate to the question the Lord asked concerning love. Everything was blank!